Humor is also a way of saying something serious. - T. S. Eliot

Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Debate That Never Was

*(If offended by swearing, this will offend you. I even offended myself a little, but not really.) 


"If you can learn to laugh in spite of the circumstances that surround you, you will enrich others, enrich yourself, and more than will last!!" author unk

Anyone who knows me, and knows me well, is aware of my inability to articulate myself when I am angry or upset. To be in my presence when I am trying to argue about something, is like finding yourself in the audience of a Ron White comedy show.  

Ron White does a dialogue about his time in high school when joining the debate team. His response during the debate was "Oh yea? Well fuck you."

He goes onto describe the other side as speechless, "I thought I had won. I thought that was the whole point - to shut them up."

So today, when I was offended by this guy and that woman, I decided to form a blog post that would answer to their idiocy, but it did not go well. The following is a portion of what came out:

Oh yea? Well fuck you.  Screw you. Be gone with you, you stupid-a** mother-effer. To hell with you. Go F yourselves and shove it up your a**.  Go find someone else to take advantage of. Pick on someone your own size. Kiss my rosey red a**. Re-join the other boils on the ass of humanity. I hope you trip and fall on shards of broken glass. Shave with a rusty razor. Walk through a cow pasture barefoot. Listen to a Sara Palin speech. Confront a pack of four-year olds with a bag of healthy snacks.

And so, you see, it did not come out well.  And just when I thought I was lost on what to write, too angry to even consider anything BUT telling off ignorant, judgmental fools, Dad sent me the opening quote. 

I have decided to leave the satire and debating to Tom and Smitty while I stick to observations of life around me, my parenting, and my struggle to be in the moment and find where I am going in life. 


  1. you're much more articulate than I am when angry. You have full sentences. Me? "Oh I cannot believe...I just can't...really?....are people really?...I can't...unfreaking....ARGH". Or something like that.

  2. It's really just practice, and a temper. Oh have I got a temper when it comes to alienating people b/c of their differences. I'm going to stop now b/c I can feel the sailor in me rising....