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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Sophie and Ella: First Day of 1st Grade -- 2012

Start the day with a miniature egg casserole...

Hug Clover bye-bye



I can't believe they are leaving...for the whole day....what to do?

Bake them some cupcakes.  Andi picked rainbow colors.

They both came home with all positive things to report.  Even Sophia who has a  locker buddy  -- known as a "bully" as he stabs children with "sharp pencils and has to go see" the principal.  I'm glad Sophia didn't get stabbed today. I know she was a little concerned about that.  Oh dear.

Once off the bus they devoured their cupcakes.  As soon as they ate their cupcakes, it was off to Andi's preschool for open house. I almost cried when I found out Andi has Miss D.  Sophia and Ella had Miss D when they were three.  I love Miss D.  Andi was SO angry that she couldn't stay in her classroom tonight; and she wasn't very into doing the treasure hunt. She was more into checking out all the toys and busying herself with drawing and in the play kitchen area.  Another little girl came to play with a toy Andi wanted and I held my breath...was she going to scream.  She didn't.  She just let it roll off her back.

First day of preschool is two days away and Miss D has instructed Andi to bring her smile.  Andi was too shy to smile or say hi to Miss D, but she did let her hug her.  I'm pretty sure Miss D is going to be a fabulous teacher for my Panda Bear -- just patient enough, but also able to gently push her.  Fingers crossed.

On the way to Culver's after the preschool open house the girls nearly fell asleep in the car. All three were exhausted from their big day.  But they did mention they can't wait to go back tomorrow.  And Andi seems VERY ready to go to preschool.

I don't think I can ask for more. :)


  1. Your gals have such style.....cute cupcakes too. I hope everyone has a great school year!

  2. High Five to you for getting them all ready. You'll look forward to "quiet time" ;)