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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Apple Orchard 2012

I took Saturday off from work.  I put in 50 hours the week before and since Saturday was Dave's birthday, it seemed a good time to take back time with the family.  Since whooping cough is going around the twins school, Dave and I decided the whole family should head out to the Target clinic and get updated on whooping cough shots (mommy and daddy) as well as get our annual flu-shots.   With Dave's birthday off to a sharp start, we headed out to lunch, then the orchard.

When all was said and done, we had picked two bushels of apples.  I'm pretty sure that the $60 worth of apples is enough to make apple pies, caramel apples, baked apples, apples and peanut butter for snacks, apple sauce, and more.  I love fall...if it wasn't followed by MN winters, I'd probably declare it my favorite season.

Dave took off for the evening. He headed out to watch a soccer game somewhere.  I stayed home, cleaned up, and spiked a low-grade fever in reaction to my shots.  It was a pretty low-key day, but that's how we roll...

Clover helps daddy open presents

Someone starts the apple hunt with the grumpies

Oh good! She found giant apples and her silly smile!

Sophie and her giant honeycrisp

Good work farmer Ella!

Half way done
Yep, grumpies are definitely gone!

Andi and daddy pick Honeygold

Dave thinks this is the main shot for a movie about three little superheroes atop a mountain (of hay).

Happy "Natal Day," Dave -- as Nikki says.

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