Humor is also a way of saying something serious. - T. S. Eliot

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


This past Sunday Ella and I went to a Zumbathon along with Olivia Newton-John Sophia.  It was a fundraiser for St. Jude's in memory of a beautiful little hispanic girl named Gracie who died less than two months ago -- 324 days after being diagnosed with cancer.  While the event was poorly organized -- there ended up not being a children's class, and the adult class started late leaving us with a lot of sitting around time -- 2 hrs to be exact -- the positive things were:
1. Olivia Newton-John Sophia LOVED it and danced her little heart out.  Waking the next morning she thanked me again for taking her.
2.  It was probably the most multi-cultural event I have been too with my children -- ever.
3.  I got to see a friend and her children -- we all "danced" together. 
4.  Crazy hair.  The girls loved getting the hair done.  That right there probably saved the day for Ella who was NOT, I repeat NOT about to dance in the darkened room with lights flashing everywhere and music thud, thud, thudding. 
5.  We were right by Trader Joe's and decided to leave early and pick up a few goodies including the Candy Cane Jojo's -- very naughty, but good.

We are jam-packing our weekends now that I am back to work.  Soon, my training schedule will end and I will be working Thurs-Sun -- yes, four, ten hour days -- which I am fine with since it will ease the expense of daycare costs; however, once daycare is no longer an isse, I'd love a regular M-F schedule.  This upcoming weekend is a trip to the Children's Theatre production of Wizard of Oz.  Kelli and mom are headed up because it would be criminal for Kelli to miss out on this event.

Let's hope Screaming Mimi can keep it together for the Wizard of Oz production...........stay tuned. 


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