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Monday, November 14, 2011

Girls Weekend with Screaming Mimi

I called gramma this morning after Dave alerted me that our email is sending out spam, porn, and solicitations for buying drugs -- again.  I told her not to open any emails from our email address.  "I was just on your blog to see if you'd put up pictures from your weekend," gramma said to me.  I promised her I'd try to get the pics put up tonight at work if I had a chance.  I have 15 minutes.  Here goes...

Firth, let me show you Ella's pic where she is missing yet another tooth.  She's starthing to talk a bit funny and whistles inadvertently. 

Then you'll see pics of Andi.  Note the scissors on the ground next to her.  She is OBSESSED with learning to use them.  If the house is quiet and she's gone missing, all we have to do is look in the corner and there we'll find her with a package of halloween candy she has snagged off the counter with her scissors nearby.  I have no idea where she gets this odd behavior from -- sitting in corners eating chocolate. ;)

The last batch of pics are the ones from the weekend.  Kelli and mom came up and we all went to The Wizard of Oz at The Children's Theatre.  It was such a good show.  Andi sat and watched the 2 hour show -- there was no hint of Screaming Mimi until it came time to leave -- then she screamed. 

By the time we got to a restaurant listed as the cities Best of the Best for burgers, she was calm.  Dave joined us for dinner then took Andi home so the rest of us girls could do a little Christmas shopping.  The weekend went by really fast.  Sophia started coming down with a bug on Saturdya, and by Sunday had a fever of 102.  She seems to be perking up now...but...sigh...I hope this winter is going to be better than last winter as far as near constant sickness in our house. 

My 15 minutes is up.  Back to work!  Enjoy Gram!

Andi heads up to our seats.  She packed popcorn for everyone and was in charge of snacks. She took her job very seriously.

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