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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Screaming Mimi Goes to the Movies

Dave is a movie-goer.  I hate going to movies.  He's either had to go alone, or -- more likely -- not go at all.  Finally, 2 yrs ago he tried taking the twins. They thought it was pretty cool...and as of today, Andi too, is a movie-goer.  Of course, Dave has to sit through children's movies, but I don't think it bothers him too much as long as it isn't a Barbie movie.  He's pretty cool with just.sitting.  Sitting and reading. Sitting and watching some intellectual show (vomit). Sitting and watching sports -- someone peel me off the ceiling!  Sitting and pontificating about things and then writing an article about it.  Sitting.  We might have a number of things in common, but energy and activity level is not something we have in common. 

This piece of our personalities reflects in our jobs.  He is very happy being an attorney for a corporation, reading and negotiating contracts -- B-O-R-I-N-G.  I am loving my new job as a crisis triage clinician -- suicide, detox, abuse, give it to me, let's stabilize 'em and move 'em along.  No ongoing relationships.  No combing through legal-ese.  Just mental health crisis.  Excitement for me, but for Dave, definitely not his idea of a good time (despite his holding a masters degree in psych). 

Today Dave really wanted to take the girls to the movies.  Andi began sobbing that she was going to be left.  Sad, big, gulpy sobbing.  I didn't think he'd take her, but I asked anyway and though hesitant, he took her.

Her screaming has been lessening -- though she has started growling -- and her voice seems to be healing a bit. 

I told her before she left this was a "big girl event" and no screaming is allowed in movie theaters.  She said, "ok" and ran and grabbed her purse. 

While Dave happily sat in the theater, I trimmed back some bushes and attempted to start decorating the yard for x-mas (I'm not turning the lights on -- I'm just trying to get stuff ready before it gets so cold that my fingers fall off -- we live on the tundra, you know). 

Arriving home Dave let me know that Andi was wide-eyed and sat on the edge of her seat the entire time.  She made a few comments and observations about the movie, but other than that, sat still and quietly the.whole.time. 

Glory hallelujah.  This two, is passing....maybe....

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  1. Another step in the big girl you know where to send them all when you need some "me time"!!