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Monday, October 31, 2011

Mom Blog: Trick or Treat Festivities

The girls have had their costumes for nearly two months now.  To say we have been eagerly awaiting October 31st is to put it lightly.  The twins planned to be Ariel (The Little Mermaid), and Andi selected Tiana (from the Frog Princess or whatever that movie was called). 

Last weekend was our first Halloween festivity...the girls went to the annual trick or treat at the nearby park.  When we got home, Andi refused to take off her costume for a bath.  She loved being Tiana. 

After the park festivities, the girls each had a fall party in their classroom during the day, and then a "Fall Festival" was held Friday evening at their school.  Dave had to take all three girls on his own since I worked Friday evening.  I can't say I'm sad to have missed that event.  I took the girls to their preschool parties and those were always over-crowded, the air too hot, and my mind spinning with thoughts about how many germs from all these small children that I must be breathing in (weird-o). 

Andi grew very fond of a spider purse and black witch hat during the week and wore it everywhere.  She requested having her nails painted black, and commanded Grampa carve her a mean & scary pumpkin.  (Please, oh please don't let this be a sign that she is going to be a devil-worshipping, goth clad rebellious teenager.)

Andi watched over Grampa as he carved her pumpkin.  Once he finished, she studied it straight-faced for a full minute.  We were all bracing for a war-cry of discontent when suddenly she threw her hands in the air, "It's PERFECT!" she yelled.  Whew....
Sophia and Ella and I headed out to get manicures done.  It is a new indulgence we have permitted ourselves as a reward for the girls completing their chore/good behavior charts.  Ella picked bright orange with black and white flowers painted on.  (No pic).  And Sophia went for pink with pumpkins.
It is a yearly tradition for Grampa to spend Halloween weekend with us.  He carves a mean pumpkin.  On the request list for this year from Sophia and Ella were Cars themed pumpkins and Rapunzel.  Grampa and I spent 4 hours carving pumpkins.

Finally, with the pumpkins carved and the sun starting to set on what turned out to be a pretty warm Halloween evening, the time had arrived.  The neighbor girl curled the girls hair and did their make-up since mommy had to work.  But I made it home just in time for Andi to throw a fit -- she didn't want to be Tiana anymore, she wanted to be Snow White.  With Andi happily changed, we set off.  It wasn't a complete success initially.  Andi screamed at the first two houses, she threw the pretzels back in the face of the person at the fifth house, but then she got the hang of it.  She walked to each door, collected her candy, then walked back to Dave to be carried to the next house -- her Prince Charming Chariot. 

The twins remembered to use their manners, Ella confidently booked it up to each door, gathered her candy and shot off again. Sophia is turning more shy again and didn't want to go to the door without mommy or daddy with her.  She and Ella had a great time, and Andi screamed, "I don't want to go home."  She screamed at us til she realized that being home meant she could eat chocolate.

yes, she is counting her candy!

Happy Halloween 2011 bring on the turkey!

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  1. Good thing for the back-up Snow White costume. I LOVE the pumpkins...great job Grampa!! It looks like a sucessful night. You said it...BRING ON THE TURKEY!!!