Humor is also a way of saying something serious. - T. S. Eliot

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Screaming Mimi Goes to the Principal's Office

The twins preschool teachers as well as the administrative staff used to laugh at Andi's antics and make comments about how they'd better "watch out" for the time that Andi can become one of their students.  There's not quite that level of understanding and tolerance -- or something -- when it comes to the staff at elementary schools.

Andi is a highly intense, highly sensitive child.  Mix those characteristics with the developmental antics of a two-year-old and you will get some pretty trying/amusing (depends what mood you are in) behavior. 

Today Mother-of-the-Year forgot to send the twins with part of their lunch, and forgot to pay for their afternoon program.  This warranted a mid-morning trip to the twins elementary school.  Andi was in a pissy little mood on the way there because I had told her I would not allow her to have a Kung Fu Panda fruit roll-up.  (I'm beginning to wonder if the red no.5 contributes to behavior issues in her.)

We stood in the parking lot so she could scream for a while.  Eventually, I thought she had her shit together so we headed into the quiet administrative offices.  With my back turned, I heard Andi's blood-curdling scream and witnessed two of the secretaries FLY off their chair with startled expressions. 

I turned around to see Andi with her arms rigid, fists clenched, head thrown backwards and feet firmly planted on the floor. 

Once she finished her war-cry, the principal came out and gave us a stern look.  I quickly explained to the secretary what needed to occur with the twins lunches, paid the bill, and exited the property. 

Pulling away I was overcome with laughter as I pictured the startled old birds flying off their secretarial chairs. 

This two, shall pass...


  1. She just wanted to make sure everyone knew she was there and that you didn't give her the fruit roll-up she wanted. I have a little dude that likes to make sure everyone is looking at him...good or bad reasons!!

  2. "I have a little dude that likes to make sure everyone is looking at him...good or bad reasons!!"
    That makes me laugh!~