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Monday, October 3, 2011

All Tuckered Out

Where did the weekend go?  After this weekend, I am left with two polarizing thoughts...I'm glad that I'll start working weekends and when are we going to get stuff done when I start working weekends?!

After the girls cheered on Friday night, we spent Saturday shopping for a party Ella had at a friend's on Saturday night, toured a newly built home -- with a new job to help with income as well as 3 growing GIRLS, our home is shrinking by the month making a new home with more bedrooms ON ONE LEVEL very attractive.  The downfall...we can't take our neighbors -- and their daughters with us.  What was "cute" about our 1400 sq foot home 6 years ago is now "too small."   The girls are all crammed into one works for now...but not sure it will work forever.  There is no move that is going to happen imminently, especially with our home value in the toilet, but we learned there are maybe in a year or 2 versus 5 or 6 moving could be an option.  Though, if I hate corporate America and can't tolerate the new job, I'm just as happy staying in our home for a while longer.  You can't beat the neighbors as well as the preserve that we back up to.

Saturday night while Ella partied at an inflatables party place, Sophia and I attempted to shop for my work clothes at the local mall.  The only thing THAT accomplished was further solidifying the thought that I will start my new job naked as a jaybird.  Did I mention I hate shopping? Why are childrens clothes so much cuter, fun to shop for, and attractive to me? 

On Sunday, the girls played in the leaf piles before I vacuumed them up and mowed.  We have the smallest tree on the cul de sac, yet we had the most leaves laying in our yard.  Damn wind storm.

Daddy left to play soccer for the afternoon, so the girls and I -- who are all lovers of real estate -- headed to a show home where the builder takes "trade-in" homes or guarantees the rental of your home for 5 years.  I didn't particularly like the homes he built, but I did stumble upon one that I cute is that one?

Somehow amidst all the running around we got the 5 loads of laundary done, the house cleaned, and everyone put to bed  nearly on time...and they were pooped.

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  1. The one of the twins together will be great to put up at their graduation party =)