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Friday, September 30, 2011

Part 2 Future Panther Class of 2024: Friday Night Lights

Dave got home and we ate our usual Friday night spaghetti dinner.  Homemade spaghetti sauce has become our Friday night ritual -- it simmers all day, makes the house smell like home, and is a nurturing dinner at the end of a (usually) long week.

Andi announced to Dave that "we" were going to see Sophia and Ella at the game and "you can't come," she told him sternly.

"Oh, yes, I will come.  Daddy is in charge and daddy gets to decide if he comes."

Andi was not having that, "NO! You are not in charge," which set off a yes I am, no you are not dialogue between the two of them.

I interrupted the father-daughter pair and asked Andi who is in charge. She replied, "Mommy."

Let's not even get into how pissed she was that daddy drove us to the football game. 

That's my little squishy face, panda bear girl.  I love her so much.   

We got to the game 45 minutes early and seating was rapidly filling.  We walked briskly down the path to the stadium with Andi squawking at the teen boys behind us who were making strange noises and pissing her off.   There was plenty of time to watch all the high school cliques and wonder what each set of "uniforms" meant.  I pointed out to Dave that the one group seemed to be full of "hotties" and wondered if those were the popular girls, "I mean, look at those bodies! Can you believe they are in high school?  Look over there, Dave.  Do you see that girl with the overalls? The one with the last name on her butt? Look at her butt.  That is such and such's daughter and she looks SO OLD...." At which point Dave cuts off my wondering because he is aware that I have let the flood gate of my mind open while sitting in close proximity to others. 

SHHHHH. "No wonder I don't take you out more often!  If I started talking like that I'd get arrested. Shhh."

At 7:05 my peep show ended with the kick-off and we realized we weren't going to be able to see the girls performance. Despite our front row seats we miraculously nabbed, too many people were standing in front of us.  We bailed on our premium seats hoping to avoid a situation like the one in Columbia when I graduated with my Masters and no one saw me graduate -- cute story for another time.

We booked it over to the end zone and were able to watch a handful of little kindergarten girls.  Ella and Sophia weren't the most inhibited kids there, but they weren't the most spunky there either. But they did what I hoped for: they had fun, they smiled, they kept moving, and they even seemed to be trying the chants.  Way to go girls!  And they even cheered for offense when it was supposed to be defense (or something like that)...they really ARE my daughters!  Both girls refused to participate in a lift and when I asked why, Sophia indicated she had been dropped during the practice, "and I wasn't going to do that again!"  Oh....okay....

One of their best little friends from their past two years of preschool came to watch them perform.  All three girls got a case of shyness, but I know it meant a lot to Sophia and Ella (and me) that their little friend and her family came -- what a cool thing.  

Both girls came away with a picture with the panther mascot, their shirt and pom-poms and one question,  "Can we do this again next year?"

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  1. What a great night for the girls. Thanks for the rapid post so I coulld share in their fun