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Monday, September 12, 2011

Here, There and Everywhere

Tonight I went into Zumba class full-throttle.  After getting the green light from my physical therapist, I was excited to return to class after a 3 week absence.  I did some rock moving and landscaping in the side yard, then went into the gym for weights.  I spent the last three days dedicating time to a marketing event for my practice and traveling to Iowa and I wasn't sure I'd have the stamina to keep up with the class.  But I just kept picturing all the frustrations my sister is having with her health and the flood of gratitude I had about my ability to have an able-body had me sailing through the class. 

At the end of class, my heart monitor/calorie counter declared 902 calories had been burned off.

Well, hot dog!

Here are the pics from our trip to IA; a trip to the orchard and the last cannon balls of the season. Next weekend, we're off to Kansas City thanks to Uncle P treating mommy to her first vacation in 7 years -- between fertility treatments tethering us to a 30 mile radius of the clinic for months, then not wanting to travel with baby twins, we've stuck to traveling only to IA. Should be fun.

Ella diving into the corn pool

One of the Three Little Pigs houses

Andi did not want to be the troll under the bridge...but I thought it was such a fitting character for her...

Playing around the in the little one-room school house -- so cute!

Sophia is crossing the bridge of the Three Billy Goats Gruff.  You can see one of the Three Little Pigs houses in the background.

Swimming in the corn pool

The jumping pillow.  This is the coolest thing!

Riding the tiny choo-choo

Sailing down the slides!

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