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Friday, September 30, 2011

Future Panter Class of 2024: Following the Glitter

Sophia and Ella said they wanted to go to the cheer clinic hosted by the local high school.  This means they get to hang out with "big girls" (cheerleaders), eat pizza, get pom-poms and a t-shirt, then cheer at the homecoming game. 

We walked into the huge school and I was not sure where to go.  No signs were posted so we started walking.  We heard voices, and pretty soon we started seeing glitter, the glitter only got heavier as we headed down a set of stairs.  Sure enough, at the bottom of the stairs were oodles of cheerleaders and the school mascot and apprehensive little girls were trickling in from various directions.

The girls were lucky enough to have homecoming pants -- I guess that's THE THING to do around here -- made by the high school junior next door.  So not only was she giving with her time, she has a creative streak that I could not dream of having.  She'll be around for another year, and then it is my hope that the other two neighbor girls can take her place as far as creativeness because if I have to make the girls homecoming won't be pretty.

The girls were really excited.  Ella wore hers to school, Sophia; however, had to wear pink since it was "pink day" in her classroom. 

The big questions is: Despite their excitement, will they freeze in front of a big crowd, or will they cheer? 

I urged them to take a smile and put it in their pocket, "Just keep moving and put on your smile -- even if you are nervous." 

"2024 North"

"Future Panther"

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