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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Big Girls Don't Cry: The First Day of Kindergarten

It's true.  Big girls don't cry -- and as it happens -- neither do their mothers. 

We made homemade oatmeal for breakfast, slipped on the dresses Bobo got for the twins during a recent trip to Mall of America, put hair up in bows, slid on our brand new shoes, then headed for the bus.  The 5th grader (NG - neighbor girl) next door was waiting for the bus with us.  Thank goodness for her.  She sat on the bus with the twins.  I could see Ella switch seats -- trying to get to NG's seat -- as the bus started to pull away and had a moment of panic that Ella would get yelled at in the first 5 minutes on the bus...but I think it all turned out fine. 

At home, I paused long enough to wonder if any sad feelings would come up.  Wasn't I supposed to be crying? 

But, in true Mother-of-the-Year form, nothing was there except sheer, unbridled joy and the feeling of relief and freedom. We'd done enough talking, shopping, orienting, visiting, planning, and forecasting.  Let's just get it over with already!  And we did...

Sophia looked back at me one time, hesitating slightly as the bus stood with it's doors open.  Ella paused, but only to look for Sophia. 

I think it makes it really easy to send them when:

  • there are two of them
  • the neighbor girl looks out for them

Ella is in the front seat -- picture snapped just moments before she ran to the 3rd row to sit with Sophia and the neighbor girl.   
Stay tuned for their thoughts and reactions to the big day....

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