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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Big Girls Don't Cry: Kindergarten Starts Tomorrow

Big girls don't cry, but mommies do.  It's the eve of their 1st day of kindergarten.  On our run tonight (they bike beside me while I run) I asked them if it would be ok if I cry when I say good-bye to them before they get on the bus tomorrow.  They both smiled and said "no" and then looked at me -- as they so often do -- like I'm crazy. (And I am crazy, no doubt about that.) 

They can't wait to go to school tomorrow.  After orientation today, they were feeling confident and positive about the experience. They don't seem to be nervous -- though at 9:30 PM, Ella is still awake and I'm not sure if it is the allergy medicine I gave her, the effects of having a rare treat --pepsi-- earlier today, OR if she's nervous.

It's great that they start with 1/2 day kindergarten.  I don't think I could handle sending them all day, everyday. They are my identity and my crutch and what would I do if I don't have them to deal with?

I know.  I'll potty train Andi.  We bought her a potty that is very fitting of her attitude (she picked it, not me).  She picked new "underwears" and with the house quiet, we'll see if Andi decides to take the bait.  So far, the most she has done is pee'd in her "underwears" and run around the house with the potty seat on her head yelling, "I'm a princess!" 

I did feel a lot of guilt not sending the twins full-day because most of their friends are doing the full-day thing.  I was talking to my hair stylist and she always has a way of taking me down a notch when it comes to my angst over decisions such as ear piercing...and whether full-day kindergaren is warranted.  "It's not like they can teach those full day kids much more than the other kids because there are so many kids that don't do full-day that they have to keep them at the same level." 

And then there's my aunt -- a preschool and first grade teachers of many years who pointed out, "kids don't need the full-day experience.  They have their whole lives to be in school."  And then she pointed out the research that says those kids -- even if they do get ahead academically -- eventually even out with everyone else.

I need to let it all go.  It's fine.  It would have been fine either way...just this way...I'm able to afford.  1/2 day is free. 

And so tomorrow, we'll see how it goes and whether the song is true when it sings, "Big girls don't cry yi yi."

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