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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Andi "Be 2!"

"Andi!  How old are you going to be on cupcake day?"

"I be 2!" Andi would exclaim, but only if she was in the mood to do so. 

And now, Andi "be two!"  Here's how she celebrated her day...

Andi you woke up before 6 AM and your sisters fed you a bowl of cheerios.  Eventually you had cinnamon rolls for breakfast once mommy finally got up.  Fed and dressed, you headed outside with your big sisters and one of their friends from preschool. 

The neighbor girls joined us and everyone played happily, ate chocolate Sesame Street Cupcakes with pink frosting, and you opened gifts -- playdoh set and a new coloring book and your VERY OWN set of markers (which I later found Ella using.  By the time I stopped her she had breezed through  6 or 7 pages).

For lunchtime, we headed over to a colleagues house for lunch and play time...when we left shortly after two, you were sound asleep within a few minutes of leaving.  Good thing you took a nap though, because we headed out to Chuck E. Cheese for the evening.  You love that place. 

Andi's fav ride because she can sit by the big cheese himself. 

Andi figures out where to put the coin...

plays the game....

and collects her tickets...which she later traded in for "I Love Chuck E. Cheese" tatoos and a piece of candy.

Leaving Chuck E. Cheese at 8:30 PM, we head home for cupcakes with daddy and presents.  You stuck your finger right in the flame of the candle and I freaked out and snatched your hand back. After that you were afraid of the candle and didn't want to blow it out...but you made me light it and blow it out multiple fascinates and scares you.  You were weirded out by us singing Happy Birthday to you, but by the end of the song, you liked it so well that you requested that we sing again to you.  So we did. :)

After cupcake time was over (by the way, you love cupcakes.  We make homemade cupcakes often.  When there aren't fresh cupcakes around, you ask, "can I have a cupcake?" at breakfast lunch time...after nap time...).  Anyway, your big sisters had worked hard to find you a gift you would love and FINALLY they could give you your gifts.  Sophia went first and she gave you a purse that you loved at Toys R Us. You have been stealing your big sisters purses.  When you pulled the purse out of the gift bag tonight, you were so excited!

Ella picked out a princess boat that blows bubbles and has a battery operated fountain for the bathtub.  When she handed you the wrapped gift you asked her, "Is it chocolate?"  (You love cupcakes AND chocolate).

Holding an Ariel picture that Ella made for Andi
You opened a musical card from Great Gramma.  Aunt H and Uncle Pancake also sent a musical card.  You LOVED these and began dancing around the room before opening your final gift...

Ballet arms...

Looking at pics of Aunt H and Uncle P -- "I want Pat-chik.  I want Heather."    

Your last gift was a Bitty Baby -- your own American Girl doll.  You loved it...the pictures and your face speak for themselves.

Happy second birthday Andi Panda Bear.  You are one well-loved little girl.  I love you squishy face.  Love, mommy

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  1. What a great way to spend a 2nd birthday!! I can not believe she is only two...imagine the fun year ahead!! I want chocolate and cupcakes for my birthday also.