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Saturday, April 14, 2012

But What About PFB?

After my post on Clover I am getting messages asking what happened with Princess Fluffy Butt? 

We are not getting her. And I don’t exactly know what happened to her. 

I was dealing with, formerly known as Tristaspoms.  A googling of the woman’s name – which she never gave to me, but I found through investigating her on paypal after giving her a $100 deposit – tied her to a permit violation of some sort, a domestic violence charge, and a comment thread about her being a backyard breeder at best, and a puppy mill at worst.

In my interactions with her, she often didn’t directly answer my questions, she would usually respond with a one line response, and she never signed her name.  She was not in any way forthright about herself or her dogs. 

I began to get concerned.  After seeing firsthand the effects of puppy mills on the dogs that we provided fostercare for – as much as I wanted a new pom puppy --  I didn’t want to give my money to someone who was mistreating animals.

I delicately sent her an email indicating that I was concerned and needed more information from her about herself and her set up.  She was non-compliant with our request to visit.  She was only available on the days I had stated we absolutely could not come.  Convenient? Or perhaps a coincidence?

Anyway, that email set off a rage in her AND her husband.  I got a nasty defensive email from them and they refused to sell their puppy to us. 

Very fishy. 

Princess Fluffy Butt has never reappeared on their website as being for sale to another family.  Daily I get a sick feeling inside wondering what is going on there….wondering if I should never had said anything and just taken the dog and run and not looked back at whether I had funded a bad woman. 

So that’s the long answer…I don’t know what happened to Princess Fluffy Butt.  L

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  1. You did the right thing Shannon, and she will sell PFB to someone else. You got a happy healthy boy who will be a joy to your family!

    I, too, know from dealing with puppy millers how little ethics they have and the only way to stop them is to quit supporting them. I commend you for asking questions and refusing to deal with them.