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Wednesday, March 23, 2011


The girls all came down with a bad cold in the last week and a half.  It started with major chest congestion and vomiting, then massive runny noses and coughing til they gagged.  By Saturday we headed into the pediatrician and got diagnosed with ear infections -- Andi's first ear infection and first ever use of an antibiotic.  They are loving their twice a day doses of pink amoxicillin.  "Can I have more?"

Spring got cold feet and winter has made a return.  Yesterday was cold and rainy with the overnight hours dipping below freezing allowing us to wake up to a coating of snow.  We spent yesterday afternoon making pink and purple cupcakes in honor of our (ok -- maybe it's more mine) favorite series of books: Pinkalicious/Purplicious/Goldilicious. 

Tomorrow's weather isn't looking much better so we'll make Goldilicious cupcakes tomorrow and share them at a play date. 

Ella received a set of silicone cupcake baking cups and a cookbook as a gift from Bobo.  The cookbook had a fantastic cupcake recipe in it -- I ate 3 in one sitting -- after going to they gym.  Damn.  So much for the calories burned off.   We used the silicone cups to make the cupcakes,  but then also used the baking cups to make eggs. 

The girls cracked their egg into a measuring cup, stirred the egg, then poured it into the silicone cup.  I microwaved it for 40 seconds and BOOM.  The girls had a lunch they made themselves.  It may have been a bit messy and taken longer than me doing lunch by myself, but really, what else have I got to do?  They were so proud, not only that, they were motivated to eat their own creation.  Yay for no wasted food/no food battles.

Speaking of wasted food and food battles, for the life of me, I haven't been able to get fruits in them.  Fruit in MN in the winter sucks and so I've tried mixing it up a bit.  Literally.  For the past month I've been buying a variety of frozen fruits, fresh fruits and canned fruits and making fruit smoothies.  I usually add 100% juice or milk, yogurt, ice and 1/4 cup of sugar or less and we all get our fruit in for the day.  At least that is what is working for now...but what works one day can suddenly stop working the next.

Did I mention my trip to the dentist this week?  It went surprisingly well given the other idiots I've seen in the past year when it comes to dentists.  I was nicely surprised and even able to let go of the anger I had about missing my newest addiction -- Zumba class.  If you haven't tried Zumba, I recommend it.  The pelvic gyrating and thrusting, as well as the chest bumps push me out of my comfort zone, but I have to admit that when the teacher gives us all belly dancing bell skirts to wear and yells "Shake it harder ladies!  I can't hear you!" I do feel a bit of a rush.  I also get a fantastic rush when I look at my heart monitor/calorie counter and find that I burned over 500 calories in one hour!  Plus 200 more if I do weights afterward! 

Back to the dentist, my other new guilty pleasure. I ran through my in-network list of dentists and chose this practice because they were listed as "Top Docs" by other doc's in the twin cities.  For the first time, my mouth was numb with one injection.  I swear the guy worked magic.   I can't remember the dentist's name....maybe it was Dr. Fine?
Dr. Hottie Pa-tottie?
Dr. Yum-O
Dr. Cutie Pa-tootie?
Dr. oh hell, I'll just give you the link...Dr. Heart Throb and Dr. Heart Throb, Sr.

The girls have a dental appointment coming up at their office soon.  You know.  Because the girls are due for an appointment and it's best to be preventative and take good care of their teeth.  

I swear if I didn't mind the headache of having man around so much AND was single, oh, and was brave enough to ask anyone out on a date, I'd totally ask Dr. Fine out.  But since none of that will happen anytime soon...all you single readers out there -- there's one hot dentist on the market. (Or so I assume because I didn't see a wedding band...not that I was looking...)


  1. Good Choice in dentists, they are even good at their jobs also. If it wasn't such a pain to take them all out at the same time. I would suggest each gets her own appointment on seperate know THREE DIFFERENT times to see Dr. Heart Throb and Dr. Heart Throb, Sr. There probably aren't many good looking, half naked men running the streets with the snow and take in all their yummy cuteness!! ;) I like Dr. Mary but she is nothing like what you have the change to stare at while your mouth is hanging open and drooling...okay maybe I like me choice. ;) HAHA!!

  2. Can we say.....doc sandwich? LOL