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Friday, March 4, 2011

Princess Junkies

Today the girls and I headed to Disney on Ice: Princess Wishes -- AKA -- the poor mom's version of taking her children to Disney World.

I was nervous about our venture into the city of one-way streets, cut throat, savvy-city-drivers, and hidden parking garage entrances, as well as the maze of skyways, not to mention the actual work of wrangling Andi the Obstinate Tantruming Twenty Month Old and the Twincesses. 

But I knew they'd love it, so I put on my big girl panties, packed a back-pack and we set out to get our fix of princesses.  We got there in good time, got parked, found a family to follow through the skyway, and purchased our $34 worth of TWO snocones and ONE popcorn and made our way to our seats -- on the aisle -- and just as we were settled the show started.

I could not even believe how smoothly the whole thing went.  Not only that, but two princesses were escorted by us by security as we walked through a passage way to get to our seats.  As the princesses went by us -- close enough to touch even! -- fellow princess junkies parted to make room and you could hear "OOHS!" and squeals. 


My next big fear was "would Andi sit still?"  Yes. My little popcorn addict sat still the whole time -- except for when I tried to get her picture...

Not only did she sit still, but she clapped and shouted "Oh SNOW WHITE! SNOW WHITE!" when said princess appeared. 

My next big fear was making it back to the car.  I wrote everything down -- which parking ramp, what avenue, what floor, etc., so we did find our way back and as we got to the elevator bay in the correct parking garage, I set Andi down, looked away for a second -- the elevator doors closed -- and I looked down and Andi was gone.

We were standing with a huge crowd waiting our turn to ride the elevator and I FUR-REAKED out.  "Where's Andi?! Where's Andi?" I yelled three or four times as a gut reaction.  My mind said Andi was on the elevator and panic had overtaken me. Everyone started looking and some mom called "Is this Andi?"

Yes,  yes it was.  Standing at the window on the other side watching the cars go by.

"You got cocky," I told myself, "wait til you get to the car, then let your guard down." 

I totally got lost leaving downtown, but ultimately, found a ramp to our highway and made it home.  With happy, happy girls. 

Oh, and the show?  It was good. Especially the ice getting lit on fire.  Very cool. Oh, and Tinker Bell's wand really sprayed pixie dust.  I want one. 

Home again, with our treasures, "take my picture with my shoes and my snowcone cup, Mom" said Sophia.  "Take my picture with my wand and my cup, Mom," said Ella.   So I did.
The End

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  1. I'm glad that you all had a great time!! My favorite photo is when Andi is trying to escape over the seat. I was laughing so hard Brody was wondering what was going on with his silly mom.