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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

We're Ready

Sophia at the Children's Museum

Ella at the Children's Museum
It was open house time at the twins new school.  We went and the girls had a great time.  We stayed in each kindergarten room for a while watching other families cycle in and out. The girls didn't want to leave their rooms.  I was feeling good about things.  Then we walked out of the school and Sophia said she didn't want her teacher, Mrs. T.  She wanted Mrs. D, Ella's teacher.  Ella's teacher is a very bubbly person while Sophia's teacher seems more quiet and contemplative.  I

And then both girls started complaining about how it wasn't fair that their friend gets to go all day and why do they have to only go for part of the day?!  (Because mommy can't afford the nearly $7000 tuition it would take to send the pair of you, that's why!) 

They're ready.  I'm ready.  And according to Andi, Andi is ready.  When I told the twins that Andi was going to be sad that they got to go to school Andi inserted herself into the conversation, "I'm not going to be sad when they go to school!  I'm going to be a big girl!" 

Whatever that means....

Andi loved playing in the kindergarten classrooms and had no problem yelling at the other open house attendees that the play kitchen was hers and all hers, "THAT'S MINE!  NO!"

Not only will she tell new kindergartners what's what, she is not shy in telling the 5th grader next door to us, "Don't do that. Please! Stop!" when the 5th grader played in our fairy garden.

But it doesn't stop at 5th graders, Andi yelled at a group of women sitting out -- one of them a neighbor that Andi L-O-V-E-S, the other women were strangers to Andi.  "Who moved my baby?!" Andi screamed at the four women who happen to be sisters sitting on the patio.  When no one answered, Andi gave one of them "the stink eye" I am told. I apologized for her attitude and the women all laughed, "she is so funny!"

And when she's not yelling at the neighbors or terrorizing kindergartners, she is telling off daddy who stands at 6 feet tall and is over 200 pounds.  Removing a book from a tug-of-war between Andi and Ella, Andi yells at Daddy,  "Don't take Ella's book!!"

I love two-year-olds and their feisty, difficult, assertive behavior.  And I love five-year-olds who are heading to kindergarten.  Life is good.

Hell's Kitchen at the Children's Museum where Andi ran the show and smacked older children on the back when they didn't follow her rules.

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