Humor is also a way of saying something serious. - T. S. Eliot

Friday, December 16, 2011

Getting Even is Sweet

Dave said he didn't know my voice could reach that octave.
Mom said the family wished there would have been a video camera present to witness my reaction.
Dave thought the winner of an Oprah give away had called him at work, stating it wasn't until he got home that he finally figured out what I was screaming about...

On Wednesday I got the Christmas card in the mail I have been waiting for for years.  I mean, really, every year I'd watch to see if Heather would drink a wine cooler and every year I would get disappointed as she'd pop the top off of the cold, glass Caribbean Cooler.  I'd drop hints about how it's workable to have a baby during grad school and tell them how babies don't really take that much room if you have one at a time, therefore their condo would be a fitting size for a new addition.  After our group trip to KC last September, I thought for certain the couple's time with us had doomed me to never becoming an aunt as Uncle P and Aunt H witnessed Sophia barfing in a fine restaurant, Andi tantruming in a chocolate store, and Ella pouting for hours because she wanted a cookie.

Finally, word has arrived....

Uncle Pancake and Aunt Header are having a baby June 2012!


My time has finally come to pay Uncle Pancake back for all the bad things he taught the girls, from spitting to swearing.  My time has come. 

Ella thinks the baby should be named Mackenzie.
Andi doesn't hope for a baby girl or a baby boy, but instead states, "I hope it's a puppy!"
Sophia wants to know NOW -- is it a boy or a girl? 

Whatever it is, I just hope all goes smooth for the next 6 months and they have a healthy little baby next June.

Let the games begin!

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