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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Big Daddy Says Yes

 Sophia can hardly leave Larry alone. She carts him around, though she nearly falls over backwards trying to lug his fury butt around.  He isn't a big dog; maybe 15 lbs give or take, but that is just under half of what Sophia weighs.  The girls want him to walk on a leash, they want him to play, they want him to cuddle...He just isn't down for that right now.  He's got some trauma to work through and they get it.

Larry, I think, just wishes we would go away, but we just won't.  We hound him and try to show him it's safe to be the 9 month-old puppy that he is. 

We kiss him...

We hug him...

 And Sophia leaves him notes (go potty) to help with his potty training...

There is a family who has applied to adopt Larry, fingers crossed this family works out, so Larry will likely be leaving very soon. 

And the weather has finally turned warm making it a good time, not only to break out pretty spring clothes....

... but to potty train as well...

And since it is very clear that these children need a dog -- a spirited, energetic dog who is small in stature but big in every other way -- it's time for a pomeranian. 

You know, for the girls sake.

Fresh out of the oven, please meet the newest member of our family...

She is set to be released from her mommy in April or May...And we need a name.  Here are a few suggestions I have received...
Princess Mimi?
Gracie -- this is what the breeder named her.
Princess Puffy Pants?
Princess Fluffy Butt?

We may not have a name, but the girls have selected everything else -- including bling for her collar and a tutu so she isn't left out at the tea parties that the girls anticipate her coming to...

 And because Ella says, "She has to have something blue."  A new set of dishes...

Thank you Big Dave. :)

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