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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Larry (Minus Darryl and his other Brother Darryl)

I just can't say no to certain things.  And so when the email came asking for help with homeless dogs for 2 weeks, I couldn't help it.  Yes, please! We'll take one. The home is incomplete without a dog -- but I'm not ready for a new one.  Everything still feels like it is Mocha's.  Her bed still sits waiting, as does her bowl of water and food. I can't put them away.  I guess I'll get to it when I'm ready.  Her ashes sit next to my bed...sigh...sad.

But, my heart did say it was ready for a foster, so...

Nine month-old Larry the cocker spaniel arrived yesterday.  He arrived with a bad name, a bit of a stink, a blue Hawaiian collar... 

And the hair...I'm working on a grooming appointment for him this week.  The poor man.  A bad name and a bad hairdo is really no good for someones self-esteem.  His tail hasn't raised up once.  I'm sure once he feels prettier things will head in a better direction for him.  He is very quiet and shy, not at all puppy-like.  He's a sitting duck for the girls who dressed him in a leprechaun hat while Dave was doing laundry and I was at work.  But Larry took it like a man.  Not helping his self-esteem is that we keep calling him "her." 

We just aren't used to males in this household.  Case in point...Andi found it shocking -- just as the girls did at her age -- when she barged in on Dave getting dressed after his shower, "Look at your funny vulva," she observed to Dave. 

"It's not a vulva," Dave tried to tell her.  "It's a penis."

"A peanut?"

So now we have two nuts in the house for the next two weeks.  (P.S. MN readers, spread the word that a very sweet brown cocker needs a home.)

Male bonding time -- I think they are good for each other.

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