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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Flight Rage

There are more than a few things that get under my skin.  And one of them is kicking screaming kids off a plane.

There are a few reasons that Dave and I have not flown anywhere with our children.  One of them has been my paranoia that we’ll get kicked off a plane and become a national news story.  I do hate to be the center of attention and prefer to remain a wall flower in most instances. A national news story about Andi thrashing and wailing on Sun Country airlines to the point that the pilot returned the plane to the gate and called security is an experience I’d rather avoid.

Reading the recent news story about the tantruming two-year old kicked off Jet Blue made me angry.  My heart pounded and because I was already in a bad mood and looking for a fight I chose to read the comments knowing full well there would be a fair amount of kick the brat off the plane hurrah going on.

I didn’t respond to the righteous grandmas and stupid single males because I’m not going to change those people’s minds...And there were a fair amount of feisty mom’s of toddlers who gave the kid haters a one, two punch with words. 

Don’t get me wrong I do hate listening to the screaming of children.  Is there anyone who does like the sound of it? It boils my blood, escalates my heart rate and my cortisol level rises with each increased octave produced by the rapidly vibrating vocal cords of a two-year-old who is not getting their way.

But, I’m not going to support kicking families out of public spaces because their child is engaging in developmentally normal behavior that some bitter asshole doesn’t want to deal with.  It takes a village to raise a family; we’re all in this together. And if you can’t deal with it, well, then get your stinky, fat ass off the plane.  Otherwise take your own advice for the toddler and sit down and shut the fuck up because the only thing this mama likes less than a toddler whining is a grown adult whining.

And that’s about all I have to say about that. 

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