Humor is also a way of saying something serious. - T. S. Eliot

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Good-Byes of the Last Week

On Friday we said good-bye to the nanny.  Ok, the kids said good-bye, Dave said, "This is your last night. Go get the car seats out of your car, you won't be coming back to work for us," after finding out that Nanny Nightmare locked the twins outside on a MN winter day for over two hours without supervision because the twins had had a fight.  (We found this out thanks to some observant neighbors.)

Also on Friday, I cleaned out my Facebook likes (still a work in progress) as well as "friends."  Why in the world did I accept friend requests from bullies of my past?  Now the friend list is a more intimate circle of close friends, close neighbors, and family.  And it feels better.

On Saturday we said good-bye to Maggie.  Her peeing, pooping (multiple times an hour inside despite just seconds ago relieving herself outside!) and onset of seizures were growing too much for us to address as a family and the rescue organization was unhelpful and unsupportive.  It broke our hearts to return her.

On Tuesday at 4 AM we said good-bye to Daddy as we headed to Washington, DC for the week.

On Tuesday night we said good-bye to Mocha.

On Thursday we said good-bye to Bobo and Kelli.  They arrived on Weds to do childcare while mommy worked; but Kelli was sick and mommy said, "You have to go, we can't chance being sick."  Thus possibly starting WWIII with my mother.  Ay yi yi.

On this most recent Friday we said good-bye to all weekend plans including the last day of gymnastics and two birthday parties when Sophia got sick.

On Monday we hopefully said the beginning of good-bye to the strep germs making Sophie sick when the doctor gave Sophia a shot of penicillin.  It doesn't appear Kelli has strep, though. I am not sure she was actually tested for strep and she is still sick.  Whatever it is, let's hope Kelli gets better soon. 

On Tuesday, we say hello to our new nanny who has a BS in elementary ed, is licensed as a teacher, and can stay with us til the fall (fingers crossed) when we say good-bye to her as she enters the teaching profession full-time.

I'm not a song writer, but if I was, I'm pretty sure the life events in the past week would have been the makings for a country hit.


  1. Oh Shannon - what a sucky week and that ex-Nanny should be brought up on child neglect!

    You did a great job with Maggie. . .I am so sorry you had such a bad experience.

    Take care of you!

  2. Oh, goodness... What an awful week! I hope that this one is better in every way.

    And what kind of nanny locks children out of a house??? That is reprehensible!