Humor is also a way of saying something serious. - T. S. Eliot

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Are We There, Yet?

My ears are still ringing from hearing this question, which was asked 92 times at least, on our way to IA and back to MN.

Once we arrived, the girls stripped off their clothes, I slathered them in sunscreen, and their slippery little bodies headed out to Bobo's (gramma's) pool.
Uncle P (formerly known as Uncle Pancake when the twins couldn't say Patrick), joined us. Andi had fun, too. She moved her arms, kicked her legs, and tried to duck her face.

We did some blueberry picking after gorging ourselves on Dutch Oven pastries. Not that I grew up on a farm, but it felt like home, being out there in the green grassy fields.
The girls, giddy with excitement, told Bobo about having a verbal exchange of "hi" with the mailman - a celebrity in their mind. We didn't stop our pursuit of celebrities there, though. We hopped a ride on a "city bus." The busline in Ames, AKA Cy-Ride seemed a great way to satisfy their desire to meet a bus driver and get to experience the thrill of riding a bus. Sophia backed out at the last moment, wanting to shop with Bobo.

We waited for the bus for 15 minutes, "I'm done waiting" Ella told us. "This is all a part of the experience," I told her.

The bus arrived, the doors opened, and a ray of light shone upon the driver - or at least that's how I think it looked for Ella. She was frozen with excitement for the whole ride. She took it all in. I'm not even sure she was breathing - it could have been the fumes, though.

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