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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Grampa/Dad

Four years ago our doctor decided the twins would be born 1 1/2 weeks early via a C-section on my dad's birthday. It's funny how that worked out. My sister was born on my grampa's birthday, and it seems the girls and I carried on that tradition.

Ella has a real fondness for grampa. She won't talk on the phone to people, for the most part, but she will talk to grampa. She loves her grampa. She asks what he is up to, it he at work?

Is he sleeping?

Does he wear a pull-up to bed?

Grampas are good for things like:

Feeding the girls ice cream at the mall
Letting them ride all the kiddie rides at the mall
Letting them take pictures in photo booths
Letting Andi run - with scissors
Chasing Andi

Being tricked into getting off their chair, only to find Andi standing on it, ready to jump off
Underducks on swings
Catching butterflies

And while grampa is good for a lot of things, he is BEST at being a dear, sweet man who we are lucky to call ours. Happy Birthday and cheers to many more.

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