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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Daddy is Home

But his bag and part of his tooth isn't.  Apparently in the 9 hour delay yesterday, the airline didn't have enough time to put his ONE suitcase on the plane.

The delay also afforded him time to eat lunch and dinner at the airport -- and that was working fine -- as was his committment to maintaining a positive and patient attitude -- UNTIL  -- his tooth broke down to the gum line. 

Luckily, earlier this week I spent the better part of a day reviewing the list of shitty in-network providers for our shitty new dental insurance and settled on three of the least shitty options. And it was hard work because no one advertises that they are a shitty dentist that does not "believe" their patient when the patient expresses difficulties with getting numb, nor do people advertise that they have shakey hands and an inability to inject numbing solution in the right spot.  And, surprisingly enough, they don't advertise that they will lock your jaw shut due to their own incompetence as a dentist.  

So really, I don't know that the three least shitty options are really the least shitty -- I'm just giving it my best guess. 

So last night at 7:30 I start calling the three least shitty dentists on the list and was only able to reach one -- who is out of town.  Ultimately I secured an appointment for Dave at an emergency dental clinic for this morning, he is there as I type, and I can only hope this goes well.

While I'm on a bitter streak, and before I type of the fun we had this week, let me just request that moms NOT bring their sick children to my home for a playdate as happened earlier this week.  Bitchy as this may sound, here's an easy rule: If your child is too sick to leave the house, too sick for school, I don't want her here because my children will inevitably all catch it (and they have) and I don't give a shit if "she really wanted to come before I take her into the doctor."

**Excuse me while I step away from my blog and hunt for my less bitchy side -- this could take awhile so feel free to travel around the world by foot while I look for my optimistic, positive side.** 

Ok. I'm back. 

Bobo and Kelli came for an overnight and a neighbor took the girls the other two days affording me enough time to get to the gym every day that Dave was gone.  That made such a difference and I have to say that this neighbor gives me a feeling of comfort -- like there's SOMEone here to rely on versus feeling like we are here in MN completely on our own with no one to rely on.  With three small children, there is a lot that can come up, and does come up, and knowing there is SOMEone there is a comfort. 

Bobo was, as usual, very generous while she was here.  We headed out for lunch and then went shopping for spring clothes for the girls.  The next day we all headed to Mall of America so Bobo could go to the American Girl Doll store as well as the Lack-a-daisical Life Is Good store.  The girls had an amazing time and it was fun having someone to go do something with.  A change of pace during the cold days is never a bad thing. 

Kelli reading a book to Andi at bedtime.  The girls like Kelli's bedtime stories which go something like this: "Oh! Hurt! bleeding!  Call 911!"

"Take my picture of my baby with her new friend and I want to be in the picture with them."

Ella selling smoothies

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  1. You're allowed to be grouchy when alone with sick children. Even if you aren't alone, still allowed.

    SO glad you made it to the gym for the workout - because that break and releasing all that energy there (as opposed to on the kids) makes all the difference.

    When you live far away from family, you make your own surrogate family. Very happy you have that neighbor.