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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Opening for a Guru: Please Inquire Within

In the book "Eat, Pray, Love" (I may have mentioned this book a time or two in the past -- and you may now be getting the hint that I can be a bit....ummmm....obsessive about things).  Anyway, the author talks about some theory that floats around out there about finding a guru.  The theory is, is if you truly long for a guru, that one will come to you. 

And after reading her book, I wanted a guru, too. 


In nearly all areas of my life, I'd like a guru.  Dave says, "what you want is a board of directors for your life." 

It doesn't matter what you call it, I want something.  A God, a guru, a CEO, a Divine Presence, Four Big Brothers (this is an Indian???thing??), a BFF, anything to ground me. 

One of the areas that I am struggling with right now is my professional life.  And for the purposes of me not getting overwhelmed, let's just focus on that one area for right now.  Though, on second thought, this is going to start to bleed over into my parenting life, too.  Well, and maybe my financial life...oy.  I tell you, wherever I try to go, there I am spinning in a hundred different directions and I am driving myself nuts.

Getting back on track...

Most of you know that I launched my private practice as a parent coach.  I have had inquiries, the website is getting a good number of hits every day, and I've had a few actual clients.  But it is hitting a lull. 

And as a professional, I feel like I need something more.  So I've been researching parent coach certification programs.  Many seemed cheesey, overly expensive without a lot of bang, etc.

But then last night, I went back to the Alfred Adler school website to review their cert I have a hundred times before, and for some reason clicked on the faculty member teaching the course.  The woman has her own private parent-coaching practice, and she offers the same training and certification FOR HALF THE COST through her private practice.

The class started TODAY.  Talk about timing and making a rushed decision for how to spend $1500 that I haven't got.

I spoke to her.  Then hesitantly joined the class reassuring myself that I'd have to spend that kind of money anyway to maintain my clinical licensure -- it seemed a good way to fulfill two different needs in my life.

And -- surprise -- I think this chick is good.  This just might be what I've been looking for to give me added skills and creds with clients.  Not only is it going to help my business, but going through the cert program is often transformative personally for parents.  And, since I'm trying to stay focused, I won't go into how I fantasized of running away last night, but will just say that my parenting is in need of some help lately. 

If you build it, they will come...and if you wish for a guru, she will appear.  


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