Humor is also a way of saying something serious. - T. S. Eliot

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Turning it Over to Zach Wahls -- He Did His Mamas Proud -- And Gave Me Chills

I wasn't sure what I'd get when I opened this link on FB this morning (see video below).  I certainly didn't expect to be blown away by -- I think -- the most eloquent, articulate 19 year-old I've ever seen.  What poise... I could only hope to be as articulate as this college student is as he presents his case to the republican politicians who -- unbelievably -- ultimately voted for ending civil unions in Iowa.

One of my twins asked me, not long ago, if she could marry a girl someday.  Without thinking, I answered her, "Of course.  You can marry who you want to marry."

And then I realized that -- technically -- I was wrong.  My gut reaction of acceptance is not shared by all.  In fact, today I was told by someone who was "saved" that I will be headed to hell when I die because I don't practice Christianity.  Furthermore -- according to her -- I will be joining anyone who is gay because while "God loves gay people, he doesn't accept their sin."  What can I even say to that? Turns out I didn't need to think of anything brilliant or articulate and my anger retorted, "You are a misinformed hypocrite and I'm glad not to have to sit in heaven -- if there is one -- with people of your type.  I do believe I will be more comfortable in hell, and so bring on the ingredients for smores and other campfire delicacies because, honey, I am so there."

I can only hope that if one of my children does want to marry someone who also happens to be the same-sex, that by then, the majority of people will have come to their senses and discrimination will no longer be allowed towards people involved in same-sex relationships.

Take it away Zach.... 
*all the videos are the same -- chalk it up to technical difficulty my inability to be tech savvy.


  1. I love how you answered your daughter. It may be beyond our generation that finally accepts anyone for the makeup of their character vs. some sort of pre-conceived notion of what is proper, but it is refreshing to see that many are finding a way to teach their young that whatever they believe and feel is right and proper. Beautiful blog and bless you. :)

  2. "If I was your son, Mr. Chairman, I believe I'd make you very proud." That part gives me goose bumps. His parents' "sin" created that child. I find it impossible to believe that God could hate anything about that.

  3. Namaste' my friend. Thank you for such kind words.