Humor is also a way of saying something serious. - T. S. Eliot

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

In the Presence of a Divine Writer

In the last week we have had strep run through a few of us, then a fever-y virus for Ella, then a respiratory thing whispering amongst the five of us -- not sure whether it will develop into anything or just fizzle out.  

I didn't make it to the Celtic Drumming Shaman at the Unitarian center since I was sitting with Ella waiting for a strep test on Sunday morning.  I was bummed about that, but I am vibrating with anticipatory excitement for this Friday when Elizabeth Gilbert, author of "Eat, Pray, Love" comes to the area.  I am SO going to be there. 

"Are you going to ask her to sign your book?" Dave wanted to know.

I doubted it.  I don't think I could get too close to her without passing out.  And I feel this great pressure to say something to convey to her how much I loved her book, her writing, the thoughts she expressed.  Everything.  What could I possibly say to her? I tried a few things, "I think I love you."  Seems creepy.  "You don't know this, but I think we could be best friends."  Weird-o.  "Can I touch you?"  No. That will certainly get me escorted out. 

So, like any shy introvert, I'll carry "Eat, Pray, Love" in my purse, arrive an hour early to assure I get a seat, and then I'll sit and listen to her, perhaps sometimes getting chills...and then I'll leave and come home, just giddy that I got to see her in real life.  What? Me? Star struck by a writer? Yes, absolutely...I'm such a nerd.

Now if only Sven Suundaard was going to be there, too..........


  1. How about a simple " I enjoyed your book.It was inspiring, fulfilling, entertaining and validated what I feel makes me a unique woman. Thank you for sharing your experience. Could you please sign my copy to commeorate this evening and make it even more special than it has already been.

  2. I've just printed this out knowing that I will be tongue tied and plan to hand it to her. :)

    That's a little weird, I realize, but not as weird as passing out.

  3. Tongue tied/passing out - more genetics from you know who