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Friday, April 22, 2011

ABC Andi at 22 Months

Andi turned 22 months old this month and I thought we could talk about how she is doing with her ABC's.

Andi is able to recite her ABC's for us -- I think she picked that up from listening to the big girls. I'd like to also mention her ABC moment in the back of the car.

Since Andi has been having a lot of resistance to going into her carseat -- I mean resistance to the point that I have been kicked, slapped, bit, and had my glasses ripped off my face and thrown threw the air -- I thought I'd try moving her car seat to the very back of the car where the big girls sit.  I thought that would be fun and new enough that she'd willingly get in her seat.  Instead it just provides more of a struggle as I try to maneuver her to the very back seat.

Back to the ABC issue...

I keep small bags clipped to the back seats so the twins can put garbage in them.  They put sucker sticks, unfinished snacks and chewing gum in the bags, instead of on the floor.    Driving through heavy traffic last week, I had no choice but to surrender to the moment as I realized that Andi was chewing ABC gum from the garbage sacks and eating from a left over bag of snacks.  I realized this as she yelled up, "I chewin' gum mommy!  It's good!"

In addition to her love for gum, Andi has an addiction to chocolate milk which started this month.  She hasn't been a great eater lately, but I suppose that could be because she has spent the better part of the last month sick with fevers, congestion, coughing and rashes. As I write this three of us have a cold, and Sophia is just getting over another round of strep throat.

Not only have has Andi picked up on her ABC's from her big sisters, she also:
  • counts to 12
  • sings Isty Bitsy Spider (favorite)
  • loves to call gramma and grampa on the phone and says "Hi Gramma/Grampa. This is Andi!"
  • Asserts when she will go outside. If mommy won't help she says, "Ok. I'll talk to you later. Bye bye." and then proceeds to escape out any door she can.
  •  gallops around singing songs, it's like living in a musical show
Just two more months until she technically enters the terrible two's!  (Though I think she entered them nearly six mos ago).

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    1. If I had been drinking something, it would have come straight out my nose!!

      "I chewin' gum mommy! It's good!"

      That gal is SO FRICKING FUNNY!!