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Sunday, April 24, 2011


Within minutes of Grampa's arrival, the girls had him outfitted in Minnie Mouse ears, coloring on the floor with them. Then we shot off to gymnastics and back home again so mommy could get out the door to work.  Grampa held the fort down til Daddy got home.

Saturday we headed to Noodles then off to Ikea with the three little bears grampa to pick up an umbrella for the back deck.  Grampa enjoyed testing out every single chair until finding the Poang chair which was just right. 

Home from Ikea so people could relax for a bit, I spent time prepping the Easter baskets and plastic eggs then we headed out for a couple of pizzas and a trip to Menards.  Andi was frequently Grampa's little partner and had a lot to say to him the whole time he was here.
Easter Sunday the girls were up early -- but not mommy who stayed up late the night before making a few items for our Easter day feast:  batter for buttermilk pancakes,  the baked beans that her grampa used to make, and chocolate cake with a raspberry filling covered in fresh-made chocolate whipping cream.  The late night paid off.  Since we had a ham from the Honey-Made Ham Store that was ready to go, mommy could pretty much enjoy the long awaited sunny, warm weather that greeted us on Easter versus staying inside and cooking all day.

Awake and ready to find what the Easter bunny brought

Ella discovers her loot

GUM! Andi got GUM!  Huge pieces of bubble gum which she stuffed in her mouth.  The other treasure -- her very own Barbie!

All 3 girls awaiting their pancakes -- Sophia making use of a new tube of lip gloss -- future diva.

The nice weather made for a nice egg hunt for the girls on Sunday morning.  The Easter Grampa Bunny left eggs all over, including a few eggs on steroids...

Ready, Set, GO!

Grampa collected a lot of goodies and we used those to stuff the eggs and baskets.  Andi had a difficult time keeping up with opening the eggs.  She thought she needed to stop and eat every giant piece of chocolate that she received. Soon the big girls joined her.

Oh Andi, not the whole thing.   If I've said it once, I've said it a hundred times "spit it out."

Happy Easter 2011.

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  1. Looks like a good time was had by all!! I heard the Easter Bunny even brought teddy bears for the gals.