Humor is also a way of saying something serious. - T. S. Eliot

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Fell off the Damn Wagon

So I had been doing really well at avoiding technology -- FB in particular.  But for some reason, I clicked on FB tonight and was irritated by reading another friend's blog when he discussed being bullied around by a relative.  That kind of stuff really stinks.  And it gets messy and it's a huge energy suck.

Speaking of energy sucks, then I clicked on FB and read about the damn fool conservatives here in town doing power plays with a more liberal, but still fiscal minded politician and it only renewed my sense of "I don't belong in this fucking stupid suburb that I live in -- I wanna go home."  I didn't notice it so much when I was working and around other social workers and psychologists.  We were pretty like-minded and it never occurred to me how terribly annoying I'd find it to live where I do.

I'm also coming off an annoying visit to watch Ella at ballet class.  One of my favorite (NOT!) moms from their preschool was there.  And then I got to listen to the other moms talk/compete about who was building the biggest most expensive house and whose child was youngest when they took them out of the country on a luxury vacation for the first time. 

Then there's the whole Wednesday morning annoyance I've gotten myself into -- ECFE class where all the moms are first time moms and they freak out over taking ONE baby to the store.  They freak out over their child not eating the right amount of veggies, and god forbid the baby cry EVER, so they let the baby sleep on them at nap time and then complain that they "don't get a break and can't get anything done." 

Really?  Have you heard of a crib????? 

Dave pointed out that if you only have one, you can get locked into the smaller things -- with multiples you just have to survive, so that's probably why there is such a difference on the things these moms get stuck on and the things I get stuck on -- and I get they are first time moms.  But still, if I didn't feel like this was a good thing for Andi to do, I'd never go back.  I'm fine working with parents who ask for help in re-shaping their family lives -- I like doing that -- so I don't know why I find it so irritating to go to this class. Maybe it's because it's like being put in a kindergarten class when you are really meant to be in first grade.  I've been there done that times two and I just. want. my. life. to. move. on.

The only light in all this darkness of today is that I had my crown put on.  Which means I got to see Dr. Hottie Patottie.  

And for his fans, yes, he was doing well.  We talked running and exercise -- he liked my Polar watch (heart monitor/calorie tracker).  We have so much in common -- I'm sure there is going to be a second date -- it'll probably be for a root canal, but I'm fine with that since I have little to no self-esteem, I'll take what I can get.  Oh, he also has a brother (Kirstin!!! you are in luck) who is also a triathlete.  They compete together.


  1. As a married woman, it's nice to know he has a brother. With that being he as hot as his brother?!?!!? Or was that a hint that I should take up running again so I might have a chance encounter with said guys at a race?!?!? The Hy-Vee triathlon is coming up in September maybe I can catch a peek then!!

  2. Well, he just mentioned his bro, I don't know if he is as good looking, though, my guess is that he probably isn't he's a triathlete so he's probably at least built well.

    Yes, definitely take up running. It's funny, I never thought of going to triatholons to meet men.

    The duo has decided they want to start doing triatholons in different states -- in a few wks they head to AZ. I'll mention the IA race and let you know if it's worth it to take up running and get yourself enrolled. If you enroll, I'll enroll. :) We can giggle our way through the race like silly teenagers -- which will distract us from the fact that we are going to die from over-exertion.