Humor is also a way of saying something serious. - T. S. Eliot

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Dave asked Andi if she remembered what Halloween is all about.  He didn't wait long for an answer before inserting a (wrong) answer of his own, "It's the day we celebrate the birth of Jesus."

To which Andi responded matter of factly, "I don't think so."

Last week Andi was either in one of two modes: kill anyone who crosses her path OR pretend she's a preschooler with her verbal and conversational skills.  Here's some specifics:

  • Andi bit Ella on the belly and double bitch-slapped Sophia.  
  • Dropped a chair on my foot severely bruising my toes (I still can't walk quite right).  Both this and the aforementioned actions warranted our chiropractor warning Dave not to come home from work if he valued his life.
  • Sweetly announced, "I loved those cookies.  They were sooooo good."
  • Counted to 13. 
  • Corrected us when we called her "cutie pa tootie."    "I'm not cutie pa tootie.  I'm Andi!"
  • Beat Sophia with a badminton racquet
  • Sprayed me in the back of the head with the jet stream feature on the hose and then laughed.  And then did it again. 
  • Told Ella "you smell like poop!" after Ella was freshly bathed. 
  • Gave Dave the lawyer a taste of his own medicine.  Within 5 minutes of finishing dinner, Dave had stuffed a chocolate in his mouth.  Andi came around the corner and asked for a snack.  Dave told her "we just finished dinner, it's not snack time."  To which Andi responded, "What's in your mouth?"
I recently read that a research study out of Duke indicated that children whose names start with the letter "A" are more likely to get A's in school and furthermore, these kids are more likely to get into a "high-ranking" law school.

I'd say she is well on her way.  We named her Andrea because it meant strength.  And because she was going to have older twin sisters, for good measure, we gave her a middle name that also means strength and courage.

I wonder.  Did we over-do it?

Swinging with mommy at the water park last wknd

post temper-tantrum and pre-nap look

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