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Friday, July 8, 2011

Twincess Birthday Party

Today was the girls 5th birthday party and they had a great time!  I wasn't sure how to structure a party, so I copied what the girls preschool teachers did.  The girls and II picked a concept (Pampered Princess -- of course) then set up "stations".  Pretty much all of the children at the party were from the girls school and so I figured (hoped) that the "station" concept would carry us through and keep us organized, entertained, and out of trouble. 

The stations included:

  • Make your own jewlery (see sophia's necklace above)
  • Get a princess tatoo
  • Manicures with princess polish and nail art stickers.  All the girls took home princess drink cups, princess lip gloss, princess polish, candy, and -- hopefully -- a smile.  Their presence certainly left us all with smiles.
And then free play type activities:
  • water balloons 
  • coloring
  • a water table 
  • rice/bean container for the toddlers 

We wrapped up the activities and fed everyone  pizza followed up by cupcakes and pinatas.  Princess Michelle commented on the kids behavior saying they were all so well behaved and said "I've been to a lot of parties, and let me tell you, this is well organized."

Wow.  I guess those preschool teachers do know what they are doing.  I'll have to watch what the kindergarten teachers do next year so I know how to handle the party next year.

In all honesty, I had a fair amount of social anxiety about the party, groups and parties are not my thing, the only thing that saved me was that it was the twins who were the focus of the party, not me.  And of course, what they want, I will do for them. 

Happy almost 5th birthday Sophia, you smiled the whole time, welcomed your guests, and had a "great time!"
Happy almost 5th birthday Ella, you showed special care for a little girl who had anxiety about being at the party and stuck with her til she warmed up, you glowed when you got your face painted, and enjoyed mingling with all your friends.

And lastly, (I feel like I am making an awards acceptance speech) thanks to Dave for taking the day off, I needed your help.  Thank you, thank you, thank you to the three neighbor girls who manned the stations, and kept things running smoothly.  And an extra thank you to neighbor girl "A" who became my mothers helper in the last week and helped make cupcakes, go to the store, and manage the girls.  It's only b/c of everyone that today went so well. :) 

If you'll excuse me, I am now exhausted and need to go sit in that hidden corner of my room that no child knows exist while I eat almonds and m&m's.


  1. HOORAY!! What a great party...still a woman of many talents. It looks like everyone had a wonderful time. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUR TWINCESSES!!

  2. Thanks K! I had so much fantastic help...and some parents stayed and helped...such a happy day. :)

  3. It was a great party! I thought the stripper was a particularly nice touch