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Sunday, November 14, 2010

First Snow 2010

"Outside! Outside!"  Andi booked it to the door, yelling her wish to follow her big sisters.  The twins had bundled up in their snow gear and rushed out to meet the neighbor girls in the heavy, heart-attack inducing snow that fell all night long. 

"You'll have to wear your boots, Andi." 

Andi just got her first pair of boots the other night.  In fact, all three girls were fitted in brand new boots, good to temps down to 25 degrees below zero.  Despite the impressive warmth the boots offered, Andi was not impressed.  She can't figure out how to walk in them.

The news that she would have to wear boots was devastating for her.  She grabbed the boot from me and walked to the top of the stairs and flung it into the basement.  The hostile act of throwing the boot only provided a gateway to the rest of her anger and she dropped to the tile floor, screaming and kicking the wall. 

Not only will she not wear boots, she refuses to touch the snow.  The space on my camera to capture her delight as she touches and experiences snow for the first time as a one-year-old is empty.  The woman ain't gonna touch it.  No way jose.  

I can't blame her.  I feel the same way about winter -- usually not this early, though.

But the twins were happy....
Cozy warm, time for a story with Daddy before going to bed while the snow fell...

View from the front door

View from the back door

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