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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Trick or Treat

Mommy carved Cinderella, Grampa carved the rest.  Thank you grampa.  Andi picked a kitty, Sophia wanted Tinker, and Ella wanted Cinderella. 

I found Ella upstairs crying last night.  "I'm sad Halloween is over," she sobbed.

I fully believed her.  She was literally vibrating with excitement the morning of the 31st. 

Sophia and Ella were truly Twincesses.  Sophia was Belle and Ella was Cinderella.  They ran to each door planning whose turn it was to ding the bell. 

As soon as the door opened, their little lips burst out "Trick or treat!" They gathered their candy from the hand at the door and then, in true gracious-princess fashion, un-coached by us to use manners, they both said "Happy  Halloween!  Thank you!" (This grace surprised both us and the people at the door on more than one occasion.) 

Sometimes the girls would feel compelled to chat a little, such as, "I'm Belle/Cinderella.  I got my hair curled. I have lipstick on.  That's my baby sister back there.  She's a snow leopard.  Her name is Andi.  I'm wearing clothes under my dress so I don't get cold."

And off they went to repeat the process.  I have no idea how many doors we hit, but it was at least half the neighborhood. 

At one of the last houses, the twincesses met their match as far as Chatty Cathy status.  The little girl passing out candy, without taking a breath, shared all of the following:

"I was a devil but then I got cold so I came home and put on these pajamas and now I'm a baby. I even have socks on under this, as well as my boots, but I'm still cold.  Please take five candies each please."

Wow!  That kid can take charge!

Princess Belle

Princess Cinder-Ella

The Twincesses just before leaving for the preschool of 3 halloween events. Oh what a FUN WEEK!

The Tiniest Trick-or-Treater

Andi found the week of halloween events rather...annoying.  Taxing.  Irritating.  Tantrum evoking. 

Mad snow leopard

Humiliated Snow Leopard

I thought you loved me Grampa.  Why are you doing this to me?

Screw it.  I'm outta here.
"Twick Tweet!"  Andi yelled this phrase all week...but she didn't want to use it while she was trick-or-treating.  At front doors...

She stood.  And waited.  Until the twincesses cleared out of her way...

Until the person lowered the bowl...

Then she scanned her choices... 

Picked one...

And then another...

And two-fisting it, screamed at me until I picked her up.

And don't think for a second she would let anyone put her candy in her bag.

At the next house, she would leave a deposit of candy from the previous house, which the hand at the door would fish out of the bowl and hand it to me....

While Andi refilled both fists.

Once home, the overtired leopard screamed until she got the trophy of all her candy.


The RED LOLLIPOP wasn't the only highlight.  She loves cats lately.  She "meows" frequently, and if we meow at her, it often cheers her up and even makes her giggle.

So when grampa carved her a kitty pumpkin, she would stand and stare at it on the deck and point, saying,

"apple!  Meow!"

"Apple" is the word she INSISTS on using for pumpkins.

What fun we had... (minus daddy, who was violently ill with either stomach flu or food poisoning)...

Now bring on the turkey! (actually, we usually roast a chicken...turkey never turns out --it's either dry or still bloody.  I just can't figure that bird out.)


  1. Glad everyone had a great Halloween. The girls look so beautiful in their costumes!!

  2. P.S. When is your blog coming so I can see what the cute little man looks like? :)