Humor is also a way of saying something serious. - T. S. Eliot

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Am I at the Gym or Still at Home?

I go to the gym for a few reasons:

1. Escape
2. Reconditioning and strengthening
3. Escape
4.  Mood-boosting effects of exercise

Lately, though, my visits to the gym have not provided me with an escape.  Here's whats been going on:

1. It is an all women's gym.  GROWN UP WOMEN ONLY.  Not to be sexist or anything, but I thought that besides feeling less self-conscious there, I could also expect to find that people had picked up after themselves and  PUT EQUIPMENT AWAY where it BELONGS so I can find it. 

but no, just like at home, I can't find what I need when I need it b/c elves or something HIDE things in ODD places.

2.  Contrary to impulsive little children, I expect adults to have manners. This is not the case, as I found out the other night when I was leaving and a woman YELLS at me to "Shut that door all the way and be sure it locks when you leave."

excuse me?  can you say please? how about NOT yelling? or here's a novel idea, if you are so paranoid that I am incapable of shutting a door, walk your thunder thighs the five feet over to the door after I leave and make sure it is shut to your liking.

3.  It's my locker, so stay out of it.  That means, do not put random headbands and barrettes in MY locker and then leave MY door wide-fucking open after you have rifled through MY pants and  MY coat.  And why would you go through those things INSTEAD of my purse?

that just screams 4 year-old behavior at me, but instead, it was a grown woman who also knocked the lid off the garbage can and left it lying on the floor for me to TRIP over because who expects that at the gym?   

Seriously children, I mean, women.  COME ON!  I'm on the verge of twInsanity and I. Need. A.  Break. 



  1. You totally need a different gym.

    I have the same issues with people that leave their nasty wet towels laying around. The good thing is at Lifetime, someone will come by and pick them up eventually.

    And our lockers lock.

    And they have an indoor pool so we can swim year round.

    And two hours of childcare per day.

    Did I mention TWO HOURS of childcare per day??

    That sold me.

  2. stopping by from Mul and More!!great post! sounds like a crappy gym!!!maybe u can go to a different one??
    Nice to meet you and your girls aare beautiful!!!