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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Pink a boooo!

Sophia, Ella and I headed to Pinkalicious, the play, last night.  We bought our tickets a while ago and the girls were looking forward to their first mommy/big girl trip.  

The play was at a children's theatre and lasted just one hour -- perfect for a little person's attention span -- and mine as well.  It had a lot of singing in it, child actors, and a lot of bright, flashy colors -- again, perfect for catching a child's attention, as well as mine.  It was cute.  Both girls were on the edge of their seat -- or the edge of my lap by the time the play was over.  As we left, I gathered their feedback, "I LOOVED IT!" said Ella.  "I want to go again!" said Sophia.  

We headed back down south to our neck of the woods and stopped at Panera for some soup and brownies.  The girls thought Panera was really cool -- it has salads?  and cocoa? and cookies? and bagels? and smoothies? and rolls?  and mac and cheese?  

I don't know why I hadn't thought to take them there before...

It's so fun exposing them to new never know when something is going to tickle their fancy and set them off in a new direction as far as their interests go.  And while I don't think I have to worry about becoming a stage-mom, I do see more plays and Panera trips in our future.  (P.S. Hi Gramma.  The girls got your post cards!)

Sophia and mommy -- Ella was not in the mood for being in pics.

Sophia and Ella waiting for the doors to open for the play. Sophia examines her new big girl necklace mommy gave her before the play.

In our seats and ready!

Finally, Ella is in the mood for a pic!

Sophia (Ella is not in the mood for a pic) home and ready for bed with her doll -- dressed in PINK!

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  1. What great memory they will have and you were that wonderful mom that made it happen!!