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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Strep, Nice Weather, Friendships, and Mother's Day

Yesterday was our first warm day of the season.  The thermometer at our house said 87 degrees.  Sophia has always been hot.  Even in the dead of winter, she went to school in short sleeve shirts.  So yesterday when she alternated between wearing a tankini or knee socks, bermudas, and a sweatshirt she warmed in the dryer, I just attributed it to her being cold from playing in the water table and sprinker. 

Monkey see, monkey do.

Playing in the rice and bean container.

Sitting in a favorite toy -- the water table, "Our butts are hot!"

By 4 PM Sophia had the lookThe look is a combination of sunken in eyes, dark circles, and a flushed face/ghost white face.  I knew her sisters had a cold, but I also knew that strep was going through their class room -- which, by the way -- Sophia started three weeks ago.  I also knew that her little boyfriend had been out for nearly a week with a tummy bug.  My heart started racing as her odd behavior regarding temperature began to add up. 

"Does your throat hurt?"

She nodded yes, and the strict plan I had for accomplishing overdue business plans and balancing the checkbook went out the window.  In a matter of 10  minutes I finished making homemade mashed potatoes, fruit smoothies, found a sitter, and shuffled Sophia out the door to the ped. Thank goodness the roast was already made -- sometimes life does work out nicely like that.

When she gets strep, she ends up in the hospital 1 in 4 times.  Time's a wastin'. 

They did the culture, and yes.  The child had strep again.  They brought out the penicillin shot since we all knew she'd only throw up any oral meds.  She is her mother's daughter in that respect.

I spent the night managing my stress level by power washing the side of the house in a thunder storm and arranging taxi rides for Ella to and from school.  Thankfully, Ella has a play date this afternoon which will allow Sophia to reign over the TV. 

I have to admit that for all the bitching I do about living in this city, we do have the nicest neighbors.  I am finally getting the hint that they will bend over backwards to help us out.  All of our children play together well into the evening, playing in "Lexi's park" (her backyard swingset), biking, scootering, and kicking balls around the cul-de-sac.  My girls are the youngest, and the older neighbor girls accept them into their playgroup and watch out for them.  (Which also gives the girls and I a break from one another -- thank frickin' goodness).

Not only are the people on our cul-de-sac becoming people that I rely on, the girls have made friendships with a great handful of children at school.  It's funny how the girls have befriended other children whose moms are either preschool teachers or mental health professionals.  I can't help but wonder if the moms and I having similiar professions and parenting styles is what also draws our children together.  By now, the end of the school year, we've settled into a nice routine of play dates between the homes...and while I know that the girls will make new friends next year, I feel a little sad to see their preschool year ending -- and possibly the sweet little friendships with these kids dwindling as they go their separate ways.  The moms and I have committed to nurturing their friendships as best we can despite parting ways educationally.  We'll see what happens, and for now, I'll just enjoy the sweetness of their friendships and be grateful that I am finally finding some friendship possibilities.

Aside from strep throat and colds and sweet preschool friendships, we also discovered Chuck E. Cheese.  I had never thought to take the kids there...but no worries.  The girls took me out for lunch on Mother's Day at Chuck E. Cheese.  I was treated to a serenade by a robotic mouse, mediocre pizza, and the opportunity to watch Andi nearly beat up another toddler who dared to sit in the ride she was on, "That MY Chuck E. Cheese!" she yelled as she swatted and kicked at anyone who tried to take her out. 

The twins enjoyed themselves, but Andi...well...It was like she had been exposed to cocaine.  Her first hit of Chuck E. Cheese sent her on such a high that she didn't want it to end and going back the next day wouldn't be soon enough.  The violent tantrum she threw warranted me nearly unable to physically get her out the door where Dave was waiting in the car.  The person working at the door had to lure her out with a lolly pop.  Talk about rewarding naughty behavior!

Within 5 minutes of getting into the car, she was too pooped to party any further...

Aside from Chuck E. Cheese, because I know my gramma is reading this (Happy Mother's Day to her)  and wondering what else went on, we shopped for flowers for the fairy garden we are planting, BBQ'ed steak shish-ka-bobs, shared cupcakes, rode bikes, and opened presents (which were stuffed in giant easter eggs -- Daddy and the girls may not know how to use wrapping paper, but they do know how to make use of what they've got.)  The girls gave me a nightgown -- I haven't had anything but an oversized t-shirt for 4 years, and a pair of capris and a t-shirt.  I was impressed with daddy/daughter shopping given that it all fit, matched, and I wasn't too embarrassed to wear it in public.  (Was that ungrateful and rude to say?)  I didn't mean it that way....I truly was impressed.

 And last, a few other pics from our Mother's Day Lunch....

Any now if you all will excuse me for a week or so...I have to get caught up on other stuff and am going back underground, AKA, offline.

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