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Monday, May 9, 2011

Who Our Young Children Like Most

I am so bummed that my evening job ended -- and not just because of the nice bit of extra money a stay-at-home mom like me was able to bring in.  But bummed because I absolutely love reading what these children write about.  Not to mention all the free chocolate, tea, hot cocoa, pizza, cookies, etc., as well as the genuinely nice group of people that I work with and for. 

The other essay topic that these non-English speaking 3rd-5th graders had to write about was "Who you like most."  One child spoke of gratitude towards a mother for carrying her all the way to the doctor when she broke her arm.  The family had no car. Awww... While many wrote sweet essays appreciating the hard work of their parents and the love they felt from their parents, others wrote about crushes or teachers who taught them how to read/write/speak english/multiply/divide/appreciate history, etc.  And one, I'm quite certain, was after my own heart when she wrote,

"Do you have someone you like?  Well I don't.  I have seen no cute boys.  The ones I see have spots on their shirt or dirt on their pants.  That's disgusting.  Sometimes I even see them spitting on the grass and the floor. Gross."
"Justin Bieber is not hot, but in his movies he does the famous hair flip in SLOW MOTION!!!  If it wasn't for his hair I wouldn't like him."

"I really love this girl in my class.  Her name is Sally.  She is so pretty.  I just fall in love with her.  Why do I like her you ask?  Because she is cute, smart, intelligent.  Describe her you ask.  Well, she is mexican, she is smart girl.  I can't last a minute without her."

"There is this girl in my class.  Her name is Wanda and she is very awesome.  When the wind blows it's like everything stops and shes the only person there.  When she walks, she moves like an angel.  When she talks her voice is like a song to my ears."

"My mom is the most person on earth.  She spent $1000 on clothes video games for me.  She also takes me to the coolest places ever.  She loves me the most in my family. My mom is the coolest mom ever.  P.S. I made everything up.  But she is cool.

And finally, one little girl writes about betrayal from the person who she USED to like most -- her "bff."

I am going to summarize a bit because the essay was so long that the child actually ran out of paper.  Here goes....

The little girl lost her favorite book.  She looked all through her desk, then told of going home and searching through her whole house, her back pack, and then told of waking up and coming back to school the next day asking her "bff" if she knew where the book was.  The "bff" claimed not to know where the book was.  The child then went to her teacher who then went through every desk in the classroom.  The last desk searched was the "bff's."  The teacher pulled the missing book out of the "bff's" desk and,

"I took it back and said we're not bff's anymore. Then she (the bff) grabbed my book from me and tert it up so I told her me and her had to go..."  

And that was it!  A cliff hanger!  The child had run out of room and I'll never know the ending to this drama.  (By the way, "tert" is "teared" if you didn't figure that out.)

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