Humor is also a way of saying something serious. - T. S. Eliot

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Do Not Speak to My Children -- Another Round of OOC

I could see them coming.  They had flyers in their hands and they were going door-to-door.  Their shirts had a single name, which I couldn't make out, but it looked to be political.  Knowing they were political solicitors, I could feel my adrenaline start to pump.  "Be kind. Be respectful." I chanted over and over in my head. I don't tend to like the Lakeville politicians much, but I know what it is to approach someone's door with your beliefs at stake.  And, well, I didn't want to be unkind and dismissive.    

The middle-aged lady arrived at my drive-way and handed me a flyer. 

She told me her candidate was for "cutting spending, cutting taxes and less government."  "He's a good guy," she added as an extra endorsement.  I glanced down at the flyer and saw "republican endorsed" and that was the final nail in the coffin for me. 

Screw good intentions, cooperation, and acceptance.

I turned around, opened my garbage can lid, filed her handout then looked right back at her.  There was passive-aggression again. It constantly comes and whops me upside the ass despite my best intentions. 

The woman started down my drive, but stopped by my children.  She began talking to my children.  


"GET AWAY FROM THEM!" I wanted to shout, fearing they'd catch what she had.  My response was as guttural as the time the anti-gay, anti-abortion, extremely conservative state rep for Lakeville sent myself and my newborn twins a "welcome to the world" card.  I didn't like her even uttering my children's names.  

This woman in my driveway, talking to MY children was, in my mind, the evil person who would just as soon judge someone and then, while on her high horse, cut funding from them.  She, for all I knew, was the driver of the oversize Ford truck at Fleet Farm with the bumper sticker that read, 

"Tell my president I live within my means."

Oh really?  Well I did, too. 

Until I had a health issue called infertility 
that my insurance would not cover and 
then I had to use the equity on my home to get the medical treatment I NEEDED.  

 But hey, that was MY choice, right?  Call me entitled when it comes to health coverage. That's fine.  Say I consequently deserve to be screwed by the mortgage crisis that some old-white-greedy-corporate-asshole created ALL while he was taking Viagra so he could screw some 20 year old bimbo.  And guess what?  Funny thing.  His reproductive medicine WAS covered by insurance.  

So excuse me if I don't want to hear your cute little slogan about cutting taxes.  It's too black and white for me and it insulted me that some middle-aged white guy just thinks I'm gonna trust his plan because he has some hot slogans.  

I have a brain AND A HEART and I want to know...

What taxes will you cut? 

Who will be affected?  

Unlike the other voters in Lakeville. I HAPPEN TO CARE what will happen when there is an absence of funding.  

I'm not going to be satisfied until everyone is treated fairly and equally and has the services they need. 

And if that means paying more taxes. Fine. If that means involving the government to make people white corporate assholes do the right thing. Fine.

Fine. Fine. Fricking Fine.



  1. Reading your blog makes me think I might actually get elected on a "I will raise taxes, or services you don't even know you use will be cut" platform.

  2. You could try it. Nothing is working real well now...