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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Mom

I am late writing you three a Happy Birthday blog entry.

Mom is known as "Bobo" to the twins. "Bobo" is the word that one-year-old's were able to glean from the word "grandma."  Sometimes she is "Bobo-licious," other times, she is "the Bobo-meister," but always, she is loved.

She is good for feeding children thick, rich, organic chocolate milk. Indulging them in gourmet Stam chocolates. Making them homemade sweets like Snickerdoodles, caramels, ice cream pies and caramel apples.  She stands in cold pool water, letting them splash her, as fall leaves and winds tell her it's time to close the pool down for the summer.  She always has a moment to talk to them on the phone, and stay an extra hour to be sure a homemade dinner is left for them to eat, despite her having to head back to IA.

She replaces stolen I-pods, houses a boxer we could no longer make room for, and acts as a bank when big expenses come up.

She is

Happy Birthday Mom

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  1. Happy Birthday Mom!!!
    Jaime "woodward" Dittman