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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Puttin' Down Roots

*Editor's note: (I'm the editor and author, by the way, in case you didn't know.) Thank you for your comments on the previous blog. I am grateful that you, having busy lives, took the time to comment, in a respectful, and even encouraging tone.  I often underestimate people and their kindness. Now, let's get on with it....

The newest member of our yard -- a Northwoods Maple, known for red "showy" leaves in the fall, and red leaves and red flowers in the spring -- has arrived.  

Lora, a lovely woman who owns a landscape business and who lives in our neighborhood, helped us identify the type of tree that would best fit us. Then she snagged it at a good deal at Bachman's.  Her husband and son installed it.  Lora, I think, does all the designing, and her husband does the dirty work, literally.  Though, judging by her shapely legs, she gets right in there, too, toning herself as she works.  

She's been great to work with; friendly, on the ball, not pushy as far as our (tiny) budget, and I'm looking forward to working with her next spring as we fix up the rest of the front yard. 

"Imagine," I told Dave, "us working together like they do.  And everyday, I'd tell you what to do."  

"You don't have to grin so big," he told me.  

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