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Saturday, January 7, 2012

24 Hours of Christmas 2011

I've been mostly posting from work.  In my spare moments I dash off a blog entry as quickly as I can before another crisis call comes in.  Tonight at home, it is my mission to take a break from the angry-crazy-woman rants and get a wholesome family blog entry completed.  I finally had a chance to get the computer on and upload all the pics. 

Santa and his elf, Holly June, left a very long note about things we did well...and things he hoped we would work on in 2012. (He also left chocolates disguised as coal in our stockings.  Does that mean we were naughty? Or nice?

Kelli got her amazing Cowardly Lion doll.  I can't wait til she gets the Tin Man doll for her birthday next month.

No Christmas evening at GreatGramma's house is complete without a jumping-on-the-bed-party.

Andi and her great-gramma

Soon-To-Be Big Sister, formerly known as The Only Child.

Oh geez mom...she's always stirring things up and making things crazy.  That's why the girls say, "Bobo's crazy!"

You know you've just experienced 24 hours of Christmas when you fall asleep after only one sip of a slurpee -- with the straw still in your mouth....

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  1. Great pictures!! Looks like a lot of fun! Your girls are so beautiful!