Humor is also a way of saying something serious. - T. S. Eliot

Monday, January 9, 2012

Who Are You and Where Did You Come From?

We've done the math.  Okay. Dave did the math.  I can't do math.  I tried to do a 1st grade math problem one time (as an adult) and it took me five minutes -- I'm pretty sure that is five minutes longer than it should have taken.

In our mathematical story problem, we took nearly the top rate nannies seem to be going for around here -- $18/hour -- and compared the cost of a nanny to putting Andi in a daycare center and adding in afterschool care for the twins.

A nanny is $300 per month cheaper.

So of course I am going to go with the option that allows my children to be less exposed to germs, have more personalized attention in their home atmosphere, and who can pick up where I leave off when I have to go into work. Not to mention someone who can stay with my sick children so that I can go in to work. 

The process of finding a nanny is not a fun one when you are on a very short time line; however, if we can make it through this marathon search for a nanny, I think it will pay off and end up being the ideal childcare arrangement for the situation we are in.  I am doing a search on my own through various websites, but if that doesn't work, a nanny agency is scheduled to come out this week and take over the search for me.  I am running out of time since I have a 50 hour week coming up at work.

So far, I have two elementary teachers coming for an interview and a graduate student in marriage and family therapy.  I have tossed aside anyone who appears flighty, doesn't have a four-year (or more) degree in a child development field, has a penis, is bringing their own children or has listed their hobby as "Jesus."

Call me picky.  Call me a snob or a sexist.  But I don't have time to dick around here and I know what I feel comfortable with.  And I intend to find that vision.

Last time I hired a nanny, I was overly nice and it ended up biting me in the butt.

As I listen to myself talking to these women on the phone laying out my expectations for them in a kind, but firm voice, asserting what I do and don't expect I can barely recognize myself. I find myself asking the same question Andi so oddly asked of me one day not long ago when I snuck up on her and knelt down to whisper something in her ear.  "Who are you and where did you come from?" Andi asked of me.  What was that about, I wondered?

It was an odd question that she asked of me, but one that I am now asking not only of these nannies, but of myself.  I do think children are very insightful and observant about life's goings-ons and perhaps Andi wasn't just echoing some random line off a TV show, but was picking up on the fact that mommy is doing a lot of transforming lately. 

Back to the hunt.  The interviews commence tonight. We have to have someone selected by Weds in order to complete the background checks and have time to fit in 1-2 orientation/get to know each other gatherings before she starts working in just over one week.


  1. Good luck! Too bad you are so far away as Nanny Caitlyn would be great!

  2. I know! I already asked her! I wished she was hoping to make a move to MN. :)

  3. So...Jesus can be a hobby?!?!?! I can't even imagine what that mean. Just have Andi do the interview and you will get the right person if she likes them. ;) Best of Luck!!