Humor is also a way of saying something serious. - T. S. Eliot

Monday, January 16, 2012


Yes. The nanny has been found. After interviewing girls who couldn’t stay more than a few months, dealing with flighty nannies who cancelled or asked to rearrange interviews last minute, to managing multiple phone calls of a woman who called herself “Mrs. Doubtfire” but who more appeared to be a Mrs. Nightmare Bossy Pants, I have at long last found someone. 

She landed on our door step two days after the family she was with for two years terminated her suddenly.  The Dad lost his job and their bad fortune became our luck in hiring a nanny.

From the moment I spoke to her on the phone I liked her.  She seemed sweet, sincere, and supportive.  Her patient, caring, inviting demeanor will one day make her the perfect Child Life Specialist upon completion of her degree, but until then, she is my right-hand woman.  She had me at, “Besides doing the dishes we use and picking up all messes we make – which as far as I am concerned is a normal part of being a nanny – what else can I help you with? Dusting? Laundary? Or perhaps you don’t know, yet?  You can always just let me know what you need help with as things pop up.”

Are you kidding me?  Is she for real?  Isn't this too good to be true?

 I could have kissed her, hugged her, and then wept at her feet simultaneously asking her where she has been these past five years, and please oh please, don’t ever leave me until my children are grown and gone. 

She starts tomorrow.  I hope she’s everything she appears to be.  Dave said we wouldn’t find someone who has a floating umbrella, but during our initial meeting, my eye kept getting drawn towards her waist and the way the belt wrapped around her coat, leaving it gathered and puckered around her waist.  The gathers poofed out just enough to give the illusion that perhaps she had floated in from some far away land where nannies can be trusted with children and mothers can go to work in peace. 


  1. Congratulations on your very own Mary Poppins!!

  2. Awesome -- best of luck to all of you. She sounds great!