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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Family in the Last Week- Flying Fairies, Hurt Feet, and a Chatty Toddler

This is a typical-type mom blog entry that is about to occur. You know the type.  The type where I go on and on about my kids.  And the relatives will appreciate it, I think.  But everyone else is going to skim for pics and click out...Not that that doesn't happen with my other blogs.  But, well.  Fair warning.  Mom-blog ahead.  And it's not even funny.  It really is a Mom-Blog. Ack.

Trip to Iowa
These past couple weeks have taken us all to Iowa.  I have no pictures of our trip to Center Grove Orchard.  I forgot the camera.  The bro brought his along -- and he is professionally trained in photography, as that started as his major -- so I can only hope to get those fine pics from him sometime.  

The girls had great fun jumping on the Jumping Pillow, swimming in a huge corn pool, sliding down the Super Slide, visiting the homes of the Three Little Pigs, and petting farm animals.  I had great fun eating.  This was Iowa.  A farm in Iowa.  A farm in Iowa that made everything homemade.  Due to poor organization and large crowds, we had to wait 40 minutes for our burgers and apple pie.  The bees buzzed by me.  But I was unshakable and focused.  All the Iowa girl in me could think while waiting for lunch was, 

"This is gonna be good."

And it was. 

How We Spent Our Afternoons
Everyday last week the girls and I toured a different park. This is Minnesota and nice weather is drawing to a close.  

The Fairy with a Heavy Landing
Ella jumped on Sophia's foot. Ella wanted to fly like a fairy so launched herself off the table.  

Two sets of x-rays one week apart do not show a break.  But the foot is swelling and painful, so we head to an orthopedic doc on Oct 5th. 

Smashed Pumpkins
The girls and I went to a local nursery and picked the biggest pumpkins from the patch, got a steal of a deal on them, only to have someone remove them from our front step and smash them in the cul-de-sac.  The girls are sad about this, but I am relieved that the scarecrow we made the same day (out of Dave's clothes) is still standing. 

Andi at 15 Months
BUSTED!  Coloring on the wall while STANDING on the table.

This photo catches Andi in the moment of tickling her own tummy.  "Tickle tickle!"  And she "tickle tickle!" everyone else's tummies, too lately.  It's like living with Elmo.

Andi continues to blossom her vocab.  It is odd to hear her talking so much.  She has 40+ words in her vocab, jumps up in the air, runs, and has the most amazing temper tantrums around, especially when I won't let her stay in the girls' preschool classroom.  Last week, I counted to five, as I so often do when I am warning the twins about their behavior.  Andi joined in. 

I yelled "ONE"
Andi interjected "TWO!"
I yelled "Three, Four"
Andi interjected again "FIVE!"

I tell her things and she says "I know."  I yell for her and instead of coming to me she says "WHAT?" and then walks away. Mocha tried to lick her and she yelled "CA-CA NO!"  She plugs her nose and says "P.U. Stinky." And pushes Dave from behind telling him to "GO!"  She laughs like a lunatic as the twins push her in a buggy at full-speed.  I standby and picture our trip to the ER.  She comes up with new words on a daily basis, out of the blue, announcing the thing on her foot is a "sock" and pointing to my sister, blurts out "Kelli."  Her healthy development is not lost on me.  Not one minute of it taken for granted.  In fact, all three of my children's health is not lost on me. 

Andi's 15 month check up showed her height above the 97th percentile and her weight at the 50th percentile.  She has four teeth coming in beckoning the pediatrician to comment on the "busy mess" in Andi's mouth.  And her swallowing issues that once prompted 911 calls seem to be under control, and hopefully fading away. 
In awe, Andi rides in her big girl car seat for the first time.  She warmed up to it fast, pointing and exclaiming "OOOH!"

Twins Activities
The twins love preschool.  They are in the same class, but it is going well.  Soccer is ending, and (glory hallelujah) they have decided to return to ballet/gymnastics.  I love pink...and tutus...and dancing...and music...and watching them do something they are good at and love. 

Sophia experienced that rite of passage known as cutting her own hair.  Standing in a pile of blond locks, she denied she had cut her hair.  In fact, that wasn't even her hair!  Hmph. 
We bought a season pass to Minnesota Children's Museum.  The girls LOVE going there and participate in all of the exhibits with the exception of the Live Animal Exhibit.  They drew the line at touching rats. 

Ella the postman



Andi driving the bus.

The twins, exhausted after a busy day, curled up together.

Ella the turtle.  I see a lot of symbolism in this picture.

Mice and Death

There's been a fair amount of wildlife around.  Today the girls and I watched four deer prance out of our neighbor's yard and into the preserve.  We also spent an afternoon watching a mouse slowly succumb to the poison Dave set out in the garage.  I was conflicted about killing anything.  And certainly didn't want it to suffer.  But, they were destructive...and the neurotic part of me is fearful of the Hanta virus being transmitted.  Is that here in MN?  

And I appreciated the opportunity to further speak with them about death as I am wondering how much longer our 15 year-old Pomeranian has to live.  When death comes for her, the term death won't be completely foreign for the twins, which, I think, will afford them a little less confusion.  We had examined a few dead birds this summer. One smashed in the road by a car "And that is WHY you don't run in the street!"  And another one dropped in our drive-way by a larger bird of prey.

I'm sure there is more. But this catches things up a bit.  

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