Humor is also a way of saying something serious. - T. S. Eliot

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Monday is Bleeding

I went to bed at a decent hour Monday night; but not decent enough to insulate my mood and cognitive function from ONE MORE NIGHT of Andi and Sophia waking me up.  I was like a pinball bouncing from bed to bed, need to need. 

At one point, Sophia came to get me up with an excuse that told me she has run dry on good reasons to be out of bed at three in the morning,

"My butt is red."

Well, that stumped me.  Was she concerned she was turning into a baboon?  What was I to do about her predicament? 

I'm still stumped on this Tuesday morning that seems more like a Monday morning.  Without a full night of good sleep to put a period at the end of all of Monday's well-earned awfulness, it seems to me that Monday just won't end.

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  1. Oh man... You too? I'm running on two nights of less than 6 hours, but your night sounds worse. At least I wasn't disturbed after 1:30 AM last night..

    Lil Diva is at least eating again today, mostly. She let me check and two bottom teeth popped through, and two more on the top are close. Fracking teething... and ear infections.. and coughs.. and...

    Red butt, huh? Yeah, I heard that is going around too... :-)