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Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Little Vietnamese Man on My Counter and other Tales from Our Week

My paternal grandma had a siamese cat named "Pu-Ying."  Dad, I believe, is the one who named the cat. And if memory serves me, "Pu-Ying" means "little girl," a phrase Dad learned during his time in Vietnam.

While in Vietnam working on airplanes, Dad also acquired a squat.  Other little Vietnamese men would squat for extended periods of time, butts off the ground, legs folded up so that, if need be, the knees could act as a chin rest.  I haven't any pictures of this particular style of squat. 

Dad loves homemade waffles and pancakes.  It's one of his favorites.  

It was five o'clock and homemade buttermilk waffles were sitting on the counter.  The twins' had abandoned their "little-helper" chair by the counter.  I finished off our favorite sausage Aunt CC sends us from a few states away.  I then turned around to find Andi, channeling her grampa.

On the counter.

Squatting like a little Vietnamese man.

Eating from the steaming pile of waffles.

Funky Music

Last weekend was a good one.  Dave didn't mention needing to work or "enter time" once.  He was around the whole weekend and we got a lot done around the house.  At one point, Dave started singing "Play that funky music white boy.  Play that funky music..." I don't remember the rest of the words.  The girls and I looked at each other, embarrassed for him -- the weirdo. 

It wasn't long before Ella decided to copycat him and I heard her singing, 

"Play that fucky music white boy!  Play that fucky music now!"

"ELLA!  It's fuN-ky"

"Play that fucky music white boy!  Play that fucky music now!"

"Ella.  Just sing that song at home.  Not at school."

Butt Cheer

Walking through the bedroom this morning -- it's 9:30 AM and I'm still trying to put real clothes on -- I hear Sophia shout to Ella while they bounce on my bed, 

"Let's do the butt cheer!"

This caught my attention.  

I watched as Sophia angled her little butt up in the air while Ella turned herself around pointing her butt at Sophia.  BAM!  

Ella smacked her butt into Sophia's butt and Sophia tumbled down on her face landing in a pile of giggles. 

Oh good lord.  Standing in the bathroom, I called Dave who was stuck in traffic on 35W and relayed the story.  "Did you teach them this?"

"No.  It sounds like something drunk fraternity guys would do." 

In other words, yes, he probably did teach them the "butt cheer."

Here's some pics from the last week for the dear relatives who keep up with us, but don't see the girls often enough. 
Andi, Sophia, and Ella
Contentedly coloring on paper AND the linloeum

Warm October weather, Ella takes care of our new tree.


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  1. OMG.. If I had been drinking any fluid while reading about the "butt cheer" it would have gone flying across the room or shot out of my nose. I needed that laugh. Thank you.